magento ecommerce market

Before discussing the available Magento eCommerce alternatives first let’s have a glimpse of the current position of Magento in the eCommerce world. It is found that Magento is the most searched word in Google and its searched frequency is more than the word “eCommerce”.

More than 250k sellers around the globe found using Magento and these statistics shared by Magento itself, further 9% of the market share of the eCommerce market in the US is captured by Magento. We can’t refuse the truth that Magento has made its strong position as an open-source solution provider for the business to customize but it is also true that Magento is not the right choice for every type of business.

Now question is that if Magento is the most used platform in the eCommerce market, why will sellers go for its alternatives?

The following could be the reasons to know about the Magento eCommerce alternatives.

  • Magento is too expensive.
  • Too much development time is required.
  • Magento is slow.
  • Not easy to maintain Magento. 
  • You’re being forced to migrate.
  • Unhappy in some regard.

Available eCommerce platforms in the market globally and locally:

Out of the above available eCommerce platforms, the following are one of the top eCommerce platforms.

The following are the best eCommerce website builder Magento alternatives.

  • Shopify: Best eCommerce website builder with fastest load time and super easy set-up.
  • Wix eCommerce: It is good for the small size of the shops. It has tons of free, amazing themes.
  • BigCommerce: It is best for the large size of businesses.

The Best Open Source Magento Alternatives are the following:

  • WooCommerce: You can sell best through your blog and lots of service providers are available. It is 1-Click Selling Apps Available.
  • BigCommerce: It has solid SEO performance and also Excels with multi-channel selling. 
  • PrestaShop: It is very easy to use with open-source platform. It is free and flexible.
  • Zen Cart: It is one of the cheapest options for the business who less low affordability.

That there are a few other open-source software which we haven’t mentioned in the above list.

These are free and constant development is the best part of every single platform. The most attractive advantage is that you can save your money while running your own business. With open-source solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Volusion, you can pay simply a monthly fee, & don’t need much maintenance efforts for your site or search for hosting, and dedicated customer support is also available.

In my opinion, the name of all the eCommerce platforms that we have discussed in this article, are all the alternatives to Magento directly and indirectly. We know some wise sayings that we should always go for window shopping before making your final decision to invest the money similarly you can look into the pros and cons of each of the mentioned 20 online eCommerce platforms to make the best decision to start your store.