February 28, 2024

Why Do You Still Advertise Magazines For Business?

Advertise Magazines For Business TF

As we have entered the digital era, everybody looks to digital forms of information. When you try to grow your business, you go for ads and SEO. However, you never ignore advertising magazines for your business. Experienced professionals understand the importance of magazine advertisement. If you are new in the business field, this blog will surely help you understand why magazine advertisement is still in trend, and how it will grow your business.

  1. Numerous Magazine Readers

We may have stepped into the digital world, but people prefer to read paper books. A study proves that 91% of adults read magazines and 93-94% of people aged 35 and younger like reading magazines. It is a scientifically proven fact that PDF books and magazines are less enjoyable in comparison to their paper form. Magazines Fact Book revealed in their study that 95% of people of 25 age read books and magazines daily. So, when you want your business to grow, you must check good magazine advertising solutions

  1. Trust With Traditional Media

Print media falls under traditional media, and people are adapted to read print forms of information. they have a trusting relationship with it; maybe this is why people look for newspapers in the first place, for accurate news. Advertising a magazine also falls under the usage of traditional media, which helps the audience to trust you. A trusty relationship between you and your audience can only give your business the boost you desire for.

  1. Much Wider Reach To The Audience

We find most of us read the newspaper at home. Maybe because it’s cheap and you can resell it for some money. You may not have noticed some people buy to check vacancy ads. Similarly, a large number of people prefer books and magazines. When more and more people read paper books and magazines, there is a big chance that your business could reach a larger audience than you may predict. 

  1. Encouraging People To Take Action 

Magazines, coupons, etc., can increase the number of your customers. Many people buy catalogs to check new products coming into the market, which means magazines encourage viewers to buy products. The Association of Magazine Media claims that 62% of people buy products after watching advertisements in magazines. 

  1. Preference For Print Media

People enjoy reading paper books more than digital ones, and the information stays in the reader’s mind; maybe this is why people prefer using Print Media. When People find magazines the information within them remains in their minds for a longer time. The advertisement run for a business can have a similar effect, resulting in the growth of the business. 

  1. Most Influential Of Your Audience

MPAs (The Association of Magazine Media) 2019 fact book revealed that magazine readers are one of the most influential of your audience. Magazine readers beat out internet-only readers and people who pay attention only to TV and radio advertisements. 

  1. Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel strategy means a combination of magazine advertisement and other digital channels, increasing store visits for local businesses. A recent Google study proved it when they revealed that an omnichannel strategy increased store visits by 80%. While you may not give full attention to magazine advertisements. It is still worth going with it. 

  1. Lift In Brand Awareness And Purchase Intent 

According to MPA, brands that advertised magazines for their business growth measured 11% growth in purchase intent. Maybe because magazines help readers. It is proof that magazines with highly engaging and wisely placed ads can give you a large number of your targeted audience. It will increase your brand awareness as well, and your business can experience some mouth advertisement. 

  1. Magazine Advertisement Affects Your Other Campaigns

Never think magazine advertisements are a waste; they can affect your other online running channels and their campaigns. MPA  found in a study that the magazine media industry got the biggest jump in follower count on Instagram. Your business may also go viral with magazine advertisements.

  1. Improvement In Advertising ROI

Marketing evaluation (research of a marketplace to determine if a new company can perform well and succeed there) 2008 proved that magazines deliver the lowest cost per impact for business growth, which means magazines improve advertising ROI (Return on Investment).


Magazine Advertisement is a form of print advertisement. It may look old-fashioned in today’s digital era, but it is effective for growing a business. Every brand in the market requires magazine advertisements for business growth.