February 25, 2024

Boost Your Brisbane Business with Local SEO Strategies

local seo strategies

Smaller firms focusing on a specific region rather than the entire country need local SEO more than any other type of online marketing. Local search engine optimization (SEO) concerns being visible on search engine results pages (SERPs) in a certain geographic area. In contrast, national SEO is concerned with being seen on nationwide searches.

So, how can you ensure a ready-to-buy customer finds your business when they search locally for your products or services? Boost your company’s visibility in local search results by implementing these eight SEO strategies:

Prepare your Google My Business (GMB) page by:

Claiming and populating your business’s Google My Business (GMB) profile is an important part of boosting local SEO because it is the first step recommended in Google’s guidance on how to improve your local search ranking and one of the most powerful single steps any business can take to improve its local search rankings. It’s also really simple and quick to do.

All that’s required to get started is a visit to the Google Business Profile Manager, where you may enter your company’s full name, address, map location, business category, and contact information. After that, you may improve your listing by adding pictures, store hours, additional contact info, and product descriptions available in the store, and more.

Complete your social media profiles by:

It’s a good idea to set up social media profiles for your company whether or not you actively use them (though using them to their full potential is a fantastic way to expand your brand’s reach and interact with current and potential customers). This can be done on any social media platform where your target audience spends time.

Optimizing your site for search engines will improve your site’s visibility to users and provide search engines with more information to use when evaluating your site. Citations, or online mentions of your business and its location, phone number, web address, etc, are another factor that search engines consider when determining your business’s local search rankings, and social profiles help you develop them.

Put a page on your site where people may reach you:

An important first step in local SEO has a contact page that prominently displays your company’s name, physical address, and phone number. Make your phone number and physical address clickable on mobile devices so that people may contact you with a tap of the screen rather than needing to open a new app.

Have a mobile-friendly site:

Consumers in the present era increasingly prefer mobile devices. In the United States, mobile devices account for more than 60% of Google’s organic search traffic, demonstrating the relevance of a mobile-friendly website business. When you consider that roughly one-third of all modern mobile searches involve a location aspect, it’s easy to see why optimizing your website for mobile traffic is crucial, not only for national SEO but also for local SEO.

Provide directions to your establishment:

The fundamental purpose of local SEO is to increase your company’s visibility online so that more potential customers may find you; then, it makes sense to provide a map of your location on your website. Customers looking for one of your stores or restaurants in a certain area may appreciate a map showing all of your sites.

Editing a website to accommodate several languages and cultures:

Many inbound links from other high-authority local websites are major in local search rankings. To accomplish this, you can contact local groups like chambers of commerce, trade associations, and licencing offices to see if they will include your company in their online directories.

One more is to publish on your website, usually in the form of a blog, high-quality content about local events, attractions, news, industry conferences, etc., that can help position your company as a local expert in your sector. If your material provides enough value to local readers, other businesses, institutions, and organizations in your area will link to it over time.

Accumulate positive feedback from clients:

In addition to helping your company rise to the top of local search results, positive customer feedback can be crucial in swaying the decisions of sceptical buyers. To improve your visibility in search results and attract more customers, your firm needs to implement strategies encouraging customers, especially happy ones, to provide online feedback on your business and its products or services. Check out this post on the blog of The Brandon Agency’s sister company, TBA Outdoors, for advice on how to get started.

Include some testimonials from satisfied clients on your website:

For your business, customer testimonials are a terrific method to increase credibility with potential clients. They also send a positive signal to Google, which can improve your site’s local search engine ranks. Your company needs to solicit and feature glowing testimonials on its website.


See above for a discussion of how local SEO Brisbane tactics might help your company succeed. Each company with a physical storefront must prioritize local search engine optimization. Google’s local search results have nothing to do with a company’s website’s page rank. The number of reviews, review score, and the business’ responsiveness to reviews all have a role in how visible the firm is in local search results, as do the local attributes the company provided in its Google My Business profile.