The Top 5 Advantages of Including a Live Chat feature on Your Company Website

live chat feature

In addition to giving your website a polished appearance, live chat improves user experience (CX), generates new leads, and increases revenue. 

You can welcome a customer, learn about their needs, and recommend relevant goods or services to them by using the live chat feature.

As a consequence, you may speak with your customers directly and assist them in selecting the products or services to buy from your website. 

Chatbot services work similarly to any other social networking site. Additionally, it provides a file-sharing feature so that users can submit any essential data. Additionally, a chatbot can be readily managed and instructed suitably by an online agent. These AI-powered chatbots are able to provide prompt, efficient customer care services without fail.

Besides enhancing the overall customer support experience, here are a few other benefits of integrating chatbot facility into your business operation:

  • Quick Resolution

Instead of emails and phone calls, chatbots have now emerged as a prompt medium to address customers’ queries and guide them as per their needs.

Chatbots help in the quick resolution of customers’ grievances and queries. On average, customers can quickly get help on live chatbots as soon as they ask the question. 

Mainly during peak sessions and the Christmas weekend, when business websites receive overwhelming orders and queries, chatbots help in quickly answering multiple customers at the same time without any fuss. 

Thus, you get the advantage of answering over thousands of customers at the same time without any additional expenses.

  • Low Operational Expenses

It won’t cost much. All you need is to integrate a live chat facility widget into your website and feed necessary instructions into it.For difficult questions, you can take help from a dedicated online agent outsourced by the chatbot services provider without any fuss.

Also, your chatbot starts working or becomes productive the very first day you integrate it into your system. Unlike humans, it doesn’t need additional training sessions or induction programs.

  • Multiply Your Leads

Your chatbot services work round the clock. It means whether it’s a new year or July 4, your business website can still take queries from customers using its chatbot and interact with them.

According to an estimate, around 38% of users have admitted that they buy a product or service from a business website based on the effectiveness of the live chat facility installed within their system.

The study further claimed that 60% of the same customers agreed that they would be more likely to return to a site for buying goods or services that offer a live chat facility compared to those who don’t provide that option.

  • Improved Customer Services 24*7

Chatbots help in offering instant customer support services to users worldwide. Whenever a customer visits your website, they have a purpose. When the chatbot greets them and interacts with them, customers feel happy and wanted. 

Thus, without any human intervention, the chatbot does its task. It welcomes the customers to the site, interacts with them, understands their requirements, and then suggests useful products or services to them.

  • Data Collection

For any business firm, data collection is crucial in improving customer support services. By integrating the live chat feature on your business website, you can save chats and get customers’ contact details as well. The obtained data can help your sales team in navigating new leads and prospects. 

Using the live chat facility, customers often get accurate product information on time, which, in turn, induces them to buy their required products then and there. 

Thus, a chatbot helps in enhancing your leads as well while reducing your cart abandonment rate as well.

In Conclusion

Customers from all around the world may visit your website in these globalized times. Should you fail to respond to them promptly, the reputation of your business may be severely damaged.To improve the user experience, some chatbots are also made to converse in the language that their clients speak. To begin, users only need to choose their preferred language on the chatbot.