Link Building Techniques For Generating Backlinks

link building techniques

With the online competition that exists today, it is common to get stuck with the dissemination of your website, without finding a way to make it visible and position it in the first Google search results. That is why today, we are going to explain what it is and what are the perfect Link Building techniques to grow your website. You can get in touch with Best Digital Marketing Services Agency.

What is Link Building and why is it important?

Link Building is a widely used strategy in  SEO and is made up of a set of techniques that seek to generate links to your page , to increase visibility and improve its positioning in search engines.

This generation of links, which is done through the commented methods are called backlinks . Backlinks indicate that our website is a reference and that it creates valuable content that benefits the user. This in turn has a direct impact on the increase in authority of the page.

It is important to bear in mind that the methods we use must be applied to projects or websites that are similar to ours, that share the same purpose or objective and that are therefore considered reference.

Keep reading the article and discover what are the best Link Building techniques to apply to your website.

How many Link Building techniques are there and which ones can I apply?

There are many ways to generate reference links or backlinks, to better position our website. Among them we can highlight:

Massive or Automatic Link Building

This is one of the riskiest techniques to use when doing Link Building. They are based on the generation of links in a massive and automatic way in different online portals such as: forums, magazines, comments or posts. This can become very dangerous, since, although we get a large number of references, these are not usually of quality or reference for your website, so it can generate a direct penalty on our page.

Link Building Manual

Contrary to the previous one, this is the safest way to get links. As its name suggests, by doing it manually, it allows us to carry them out step by step, having greater control when managing them. This seeks to benefit specific ulrs as well as keywords, and allows us to choose the websites that we want to link to and how we do it.

The most negative part of this type of technique is that it entails a greater cost in time and money. Among the most used we highlight:

Beg for a link

Within the Link Building Manual, this method is the least effective but the most profitable and beneficial in terms of cost and time. It is based on searching and finding reference websites, of authority and of our sector, to ask them to put links from our page to theirs , making us known and in turn achieving greater relevance.

As you may have thought, this is the reason why it is the least effective tactic, since in most cases the other party will demand something in return. For this reason, we must locate the pages and blogs that are not intended to earn money, but only to obtain visibility.

Guest Posting

This is very similar to the previous one, but it is more beneficial for both parties. To carry it out, we must contact reference portals similar to ours and we will manage the generation of links, which benefits both parties.

We will reach an agreement that we have to write to the other party, an article related to its sector and of interest to its users, and in this article we will include the link or backlinks to our website. This option may be cheaper, but less feasible in time since it would require a lot of effort for the result obtained. This is usually the alternative, if we get a negative response begging for a link.