Link Building Five mistake to avoid in this SEO activity

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The one link building SEO business is very important to carry forward which we must master theoretical basis and key concepts that relate primarily Google. It is always wrong to approach this world without setting up a performing strategy, which is able to direct one’s action in the sea magnum of the web. We are talking about a very slow process, which requires patience and an important investment of time, but which is capable of ensuring safe results. 

The importance of site structuring and on page SEO activities

First you need to think about the structure of the site, doing a good job of work SEO on page. In this way it will be possible to intercept natural links that arise from the interest in that particular portal. Without forgetting those links that will arise thanks to the creation of close relationships with sites of a certain authority: the links that the latter can provide will be of value and must be compatible with the specific context or sector of reference. A natural backlink profile is able to obtain consents, which can be mentions, citations and links, from different and quality portals. 

It is therefore evident that setting up a correct link building strategy , made up of data analysis and monitoring of competitors and target audiences but not only, is essential in order to obtain the desired results and support business development (favoring conversions). . There are some mistakes that it is always good not to commit, real missteps that can undermine the progress of the campaign itself. In the most serious cases, you can even get a penalty for the portal itself or a single page.

1 Spreading info of little value or interest

We know how important it is to disseminate interesting, original and valuable content in order to broaden your horizons and always reach new users. That’s why offering poor-quality, poorly written, or even copied content online is just a mess. The info conveyed on the web must be useful to users and improve their digital browsing experience. Being written in correct Italian raises the quality bar as well as important formatting and readability. The essential thing is not to see this content as a simple means of containing advertising links.

2 Post content on spam sites

Another mistake to be avoided absolutely to safeguard the authority and reputation of a portal is to choose to publish your content only on spam sites. The goal of the latter is in fact solely and exclusively to sell guest posts to monetize. They are portals often surrounded by a bad reputation for which Google ‘reads’ in a negative way the contact with our portal. The attempt to push the positioning of the keyword could therefore be wrecked and indeed there could be penalties. 

3 Don’t evaluate context, theme, and tone of voice

The positioning on Google is made up of a set of factors and among these there are also the relevance of a content and its level of relevance. It is necessary to try to obtain a link from a portal that deals with topics similar to that covered in the resource we want to convey : it is only in this way that, in fact, that same content can really offer added value and will help the reader to remove a doubt or curiosity . Search engines will thus read it positively. Keeping in mind that you will have to pay attention to tone of voice, writing style and adapt to the context of the host site. 

4 Proceed without an anchor text strategy

For this SEO activity it is essential to make a preliminary study and carefully design a strategy also for anchor text that is the text that contains the link and some words necessary to make the search engine understand what the linked page is about. A mistake that can cost you dearly is to bet everything on so-called manipulative anchor text (they are the ones that correspond exactly to the keyword to be pushed): Google could read this as a stretch, especially in the context of hot topics such as finance, health and savings where the information conveyed can guide and impact more. 

5 Link poor quality pages 

We must always avoid pushing pages that have not been well designed and structured, whose contents offered are of little value or poorly written and therefore not very authoritative. If the page is not appreciated by Google, the set link building objectives will not be achieved even in the long term. On page optimization is therefore essential to be able to position yourself well in the SERP of search engines.

Link Building Five mistake to avoid in this SEO activity

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