Latest Updates from the World of Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing Updates

If ever there was a sector that has erupted like a volcano and covered everything around it, it is the world of digital marketing. It wouldn’t be too unreal if we say that anything it touches turns hot and if anything stands in its way and resists it, it gets destroyed. Okay, that was dramatic, but hey, isn’t that true! If you look at the world as we know it today, would you be able to identify even one industry that has resisted the digital marketing phenomenon and survived? Well, not really. Even the public sector today is forced to humor it. 

So, while some may like it and others might believe it to be a gimmick that will fade with time or make way for something else, digital marketing is something no one today can ignore. So, if you are an entrepreneur trying to make the most of the economy and the market place that you are presented with, here are some of the top trends from the realms of digital marketing in 2020!

Omnipresent is the new Omnipotent

While there was certainly a time when people could identify one single platform frequented by their target audience and bombard that one with multiple ads, today, things have changed drastically. In 2020 people are no longer shy from any social media or social networking platform. Whether it is YouTube, LinkedIn or even Facebook, no matter how different their purposes are, their utility seems to be overlapping with each other. 

This is perhaps the biggest reason why most entrepreneurs are creating different adverts for all platforms. While some choose to size the same ad and copy to fit the dimensions of both Instagram and Facebook, others are going all out and creating unique content in the form of audio and visual media for the various platforms. Regardless of which path you choose, it is clear that in 2020, omnipresent is omnipotent. 

Hopping From Mails to Messages

Traditional email marketing campaigns are practically dead. And for good measure. Let’s face it. No one likes, them, no one reads them and hardly anyone ever makes a sale out of them. However, instant messaging platforms have shown a lot of promise. A statistic indicates that Facebook Messenger generates 10 to 80 times more engagement than putting up a simply advert on the wall. So, there you have it. Make the jump while you can to capitalize on the potential of instant messaging. 

BERT is coming for you

Google is infamous for its algorithm updates and the SEO team’s latest nightmare is going to be BERT. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Basically, BERT is going to be their omnipotent language analyst. According to Google, their sole focus is to ensure that they have a better quality of search to offer to their customers and the nuances of local languages and its representation in standard searches matter a lot. For example, use of prepositions, pronouns might affect the search. Therefore, by applying BERT to their algorithm, any website that is poorly written can wave their ranking goodbye. So, if you are one of those people who haven’t put in a lot of thought in the content of your website, well, BERT’s comin’ for ya!

Voice Powered Search

One of the big moves of 2020 is going to be focusing on accessibility, and in doing that, it will be to ensure that Voice Powered searches find a bigger growth. Already with Alexa and Siri vying for you commands, it has been growing but, this new decade is surely going to see a lot more of it. If you are on the digital platform, you have got to incorporate voice searches. 

Not Just Sales, Post Sales

The modern consumer is changing. It is no longer about big discounts or flashy products. Today, people want and experience when they buy stuff. Since most of your customers spend most of their time on various digital platforms, giving them a brand experience will become a top priority in order to ensure that your product or company has a lasting impression in the user’s mind.