Latest SMS Marketing Statistics, Facts, And Trends

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Nurturing your brand’s relationship with its customers is a critical and proven approach to building customer loyalty. However, developing and cultivating the relationship is more effortless than capturing your customer’s attention in the first place. If you want to reach your audience, you shouldn’t just hang by the sidelines. The best way to connect with them is by starting a conversation on where they are.

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is an excellent way for businesses to acquire new leads, convert prospects, and ensure return customers at a relatively low cost. It can help you quickly and effectively contact your audience by establishing a direct line of communication.

Meet your customers anywhere in the world through the phone that’s always in their pockets. Read on below to get the essential information you need to know about text message marketing and what it can do for your business.

SMS Marketing Statistics, Facts, and Trends You Need To Know

Marketers often use SMS to promote discounts or promotional offers, communicate information or updates regarding companies, and send automated appointment reminders through text messages. It can be the most effective edge you have over your competitors when done the right way.

Here is more information about SMS marketing that you can use to make better, well-informed decisions for your business:

Get your business noticed

Reports show that 78% of consumers spend most of their day checking, sending, and answering text messages on their smartphones. At the same time, 62% of consumers subscribe to receive text messages from at least one business in 2021.

Often, users have their phones within reach at all times. It’s because many consumers rely on their phones and the algorithm on their applications to get quick and convenient information that suits their best interests. This paves an accessible way for your business to connect with customers anytime, anywhere.

Be the obvious choice 

75% of consumers aged 44 years and below prefer contacting a business via text. Text messaging allows real-time communication for you and your customer. Since text messages have been around for a long time, almost everyone knows how to read and send a text. It’s easy, fast, and direct.

A significant part of maintaining reliable customer service and providing an excellent customer experience is ensuring that your audience feels special. However, waiting long hours in front of a computer for your email reply can take a toll on their patience. Text messages allow your customers to go about their day and talk to you and what you can offer.

Earn more open rates

Although some companies rely on their email channels for communicating with customers, you’ll want to rethink taking the same path. The open rate is text messages is nearly 98%. Without a doubt, SMS marketing can significantly help you make your points known to customers.

Consider your email inbox and notice how some promotional offers recognized by the application directly go to the Spam folder. Text messaging apps don’t have that feature, so you have to consider using high-converting text copy to increase your chances of getting new leads.

Give the customers what they want.

Thanks to digital innovations, creating and publishing an app is easier than ever. However, this can mean bad news for your business. Your company’s app can get lost in the sea of other apps. Moreover, 59% of consumers prefer to have communication channels built into their phones rather than downloading another app.

More than making the conversation feel more personal, text messages only take about 3-5 seconds to open. While requiring a separate app to interact with customers or address purchasing concerns can take anywhere from an estimated range of 7-30 minutes.

Make possibilities happen  

If you need more convincing to explore the possibilities of SMS marketing, take HBO’s SMS marketing campaign to advertise a new Game of Thrones season as a great case study. The marketing campaign achieved massive success, acquiring 70,000 subscribers in two months. Here’s how they did it:

HBO sent out promotions to their fans through texts. It contains an offer to watch exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming season. However, fans must first subscribe to the company’s temporary website. As the offer was only available for a limited time, excited fans felt the urge to avail of the offer asap.

Marketing That Works Is One Click Away

It’s about time you take advantage of a feature that has been tried and tested through time. Text messages are reliable forms of communicating and interacting with your customers. Build stronger connections and trusted loyalty with SMS marketing.

Whether you have a small business owner or a large company, the benefits of sms marketing can change how you see communications. Integrating text marketing into your digital marketing efforts can help you deliver urgent information to your customer effectively and efficiently.