10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 You Should Know Right Now

Digital Marketing Trends

If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, you probably know that the online marketing landscape is subject to profound changes now and then. Consumer behavior and tech upgradation plays an important role here and affects how new digital marketing trends are created, and old ones get redundant.

Suppose you have just started in the world of digital marketing or are a sophisticated marketing professional. In that case, you must keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends online. Read along to know more.

10 Popular Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

Having sufficient knowledge of the newest trends, features and practices in digital marketing can help your brand get an edge over others and move forward in the market. You also get to prepare the most effective campaigns for marketing for your brand.

With this being said, let’s look at some of the 10 most popular digital trends of 2022 that you need to watch out for.

Featured snippets

Getting the highest ranking on search engines have often been the “Holy Grail” of search engine marketing. Snippets help you do just that by featuring your answer at the top of the page for everyone to see. Any better way to get your customers to notice you?

Most brands do not realize the importance of snippets. However, making use of snippets should be your first target for 2022. A study conducted by Search Metrics found that most search results shown on Google have featured snippets in them.

Everyone loves to get their questions answered as soon as possible. Snippets can be your lifesaver if you are running short on organic traffic or lacking competent SEO.

Artificial Intelligence

Okay, so we all have heard how AI is the future. But how exactly does AI help you in your marketing experience?

Around 90% of internet users have interacted with chats bots, and 65% have signed up for customized newsletters. In addition, approximately 27% of them allowed a website’s AI feature to make things more customized for them.

Thus, unknowingly, AI has been a big part of our buyer journey. And AI is the future for digital marketing! With an estimated budget of around $190B, AI is all set to make your marketing experience smoother for you while making things simpler for buyers.

Augmented Reality

What if you had an art store and wanted to let everyone know how well-equipped you were? Would pics do you justice? Well, to some extent. Videos? They might provide a more profound perception but still would not beat visiting your store in person. This is where AR or Augmented Reality steps in.

With AR, your customers can have a first-hand experience of viewing your products or stepping inside your store, as if for real. Brands like IKEA have incorporated AI in their product catalogue, and customers can see how the furniture would look inside their house. 

Another burning example of AR in marketing is Gucci, which recently allowed customers to try on sneakers in its app in AR.

Voice search

Voice search is a feature that is enabled by default in some search engines. But how well does it work? Only around 27% of users use it, as reported by a survey. Moreover, users complain that the feature is not as developed as Alexa or Siri.

And with the increase in voice-controlled household devices, it is deemed that people will want to use this nifty feature. Even students seeking CDR Engineers Australia help tend to state their questions using the voice search feature.

Developing an accurate voice searching feature is necessary as more people will be inclined to use this feature in 2022. Thus, you may want to add this helpful feature to your websites to avoid losing out on “voice” traffic.


People like it when they have someone to talk to when visiting websites. It makes us feel wanted and gives off a sense that the company is interested in you.

Most people are clueless when they visit a website. Therefore, having a nice chatbot feature powered by AI is necessary to ensure you do not lose out on potential customers.

Chatbots help you generate traffic and drive sales. Chatbots will be the rage of 2022, with almost every B2C or B2B company incorporating this feature in their websites.

Shoppable Social Media Posts

According to a digital marketing survey carried out by Sprout Social, around 46% of Instagram users purchased products directly from the app.

Different social media platforms are expected to double up as ecommerce platforms, and it only makes sense if sponsored posts on social media are made shoppable. This means that the user can purchase the product without leaving the social media app.

Shoppable social media posts can be a great addition to your 2022 digital marketing assets.

Image Search

Reverse Image Search on Google was just the beginning for the more advanced Google Lens to take shape. The latter is an advanced Image AI recognition software that Google uses to let users move out of letters and words and turn to pictures instead.

Users are using image search to solve several queries and also get easy access to information. For example, a person can take a picture of a fruit, and Google can tell him what fruit it is, how many calories it has, etc. Likewise, a student seeking Engineering assignment help can take a picture of his questions or drawings and get the answer directly from Google.

Using image search as a part of your marketing could open pathways to search algorithms that are yet unexplored. In addition, it allows for a different stream of internet traffic to access your online resources.

Video Marketing

Of all types of media used for marketing, videos have been shown to generate the most returns. This is because videos provide all the other marketing resources like content, images, graphics into one format.

No doubt, videos shown on popular streaming channels get more exposure than others.

As reported by recent research on video marketing, using videos as part of your marketing campaign is more likely to get you organic traffic. Thus, you must have videos on your website to increase conversion rates.

Some of the types of videos you can use are:

  • Video advertising
  • Mobile Live streams
  • Interactive Contents using AR
  • Shoppable videos
  • Educational videos
  • Live events
  • User-generated videos

Cookies in 2022

You want to make every visitor on your website feel special. And this is where using cookies comes into play. It is like when a customer walks inside a restaurant, and the chef knows that he’s a vegetarian.

To provide a customizable experience for your user, you need to make effective use of cookies. And cookies are expected to build the customer experience everyone wants.

Cookies in 2022 will be more customer-centric. They will be used to retarget individuals and provide the best experience a user has ever had.

However, the catch lies in attaining that information from the user. Cookies in 2022 will offer more benefits that will be hard to turn down. Perks and a user-friendly experience are what you should provide after asking people to track them.

Value messaging

The social and psychological turmoil of 2021 had everyone bring public awareness to the forefront. As a result, customers have drawn strict lines and want to understand the standings of companies they have patronized on environmental, social and political issues.

Your brand or company should be taking a stand on either of these and although you may draw flak from one side, it is better than trying to take a diplomatic stand on serious issues and risk being perceived as insensitive by the public.

Values should be a part of your marketing campaigns, where you intend to give back, support or better a particular issue or community. Value messaging can be one of the most important digital marketing trends of 2022 as of yet.

Final verdict

Digital marketing trends of 2022 are exciting to explore and unleash. After all, you stand to benefit as a marketer and also push your brand forward in an ever-evolving market. Everything is subject to change within the digital landscape, and you must keep up with them to secure a solid future here.

As they say, make hay while the sun shines! So, exploit the upcoming trends before everyone else gets their hands on them.

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