All You Need To Know About Amazon Product Video Marketing

amazon video marketing

Your Amazon store can get a significant boost in visibility, traffic, and conversions with video marketing. However, your chances of getting noticed in searches go down if you don’t have quality product videos that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and appeal to your target audience. Getting such videos is not an easy task, which is why it’s best left to the experts at an Amazon listing optimization services agency. 

There are also many things about the Amazon product video ecosystem that you should know about. It will help you plan your business to better appeal to the market and avoid some pitfalls that can harm your brand reputation. This comprehensive guide will inform you about the particulars of video marketing on Amazon. 

What Exactly Are Amazon Product Videos?

Let’s start with the basics. Amazon product videos are promotional videos sellers place in their listings that inform a prospective buyer about the product. The video may be of any type-explainer, review, promo, etc. The result must be to make the product in question more appealing and get the viewer to convert. 

They are of short duration, usually up to a minute long. Some sellers prefer to make a slideshow of important, informative product images into a video too. The video may or may not contain a voice overlay explaining things about the product, but it’s highly unlikely that it is not accompanied by background music to enhance engagement. 

The Need For Amazon Videos

Product videos form an integral part of Amazon product listing optimization services because of their powerful ability to rake in conversions. Here are some more reasons you should use them for your product marketing:

  • Studies show that they can increase conversion rates by 81%. 
  • The rise of high-speed internet and the proliferation of powerful smart gadgets have enabled people to view videos effortlessly at low costs. This has made video one of the most consumed forms of information distribution mechanisms. Apps of many varieties can display video ads, leaving the door open for ample marketing through it. 
  • Adding to that is the combination of a rise in digital marketing and the carryover behavior of consuming video ads on various media. Digital marketing is the primary means of marketing today, and its variety should be used to the limit to get the most ROI.
  • Platforms like TikTok have made short videos the norm, going so far as to create a cultural shift in that direction. Businesses must keep up with this trend or get left behind. Product testimonials and demonstrations from customers given as feedback also come in this format. 
  • eCommerce sites are embracing a more social media setup, incorporating social recommendations and influencer marketing. Videos play a crucial role here. 
  • You can drive more CTR on your PPC ads by attaching a video to the ad. 

Hence, it is safe to say that the value of video for promoting your product will only increase henceforth, thus making it an inevitability instead of an add-on. 

Amazon Product Video Eligibility Clauses

A random seller cannot add videos to their listings. You should be Brand Registered to gain this privilege since it is a part of the Amazon description writing facility. Additionally, a video must conform to all the guidelines set forth by Amazon to make it eligible to be posted. 

  • The video’s dimensions should be within the set figures for a particular screen format. You can find the details on this page. 
  • The videos will Autoplay with the sound muted. The customer must be able to click/tap the video to listen to its audio. 
  • The resolution is recommended to be Full HD (1920×1080) with a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio and at least 15 frames per second. The codec can be H.264, MPEG-2, or 4 with the Audio being MP3 or AAC. The bit rate should be 2 MBPS and the file size should be less than 500 MB. 
  • Desktop and mobile video duration cannot exceed 3 min length, with a 15-second duration being the recommended value. Fire tablet videos can’t be longer than 15 secs.
  • The video should be about the product in question and highlight its features preferably hooking the customer within the first 5 seconds. 
  • Any clickable link to the video should lead the customer to the correct landing page and should be faulty in any manner. It should also lead them to an Amazon page only. 
  • The content should be relevant to the market it is being viewed and must not be offensive or derogatory to any person or group. It cannot promote products that are banned in that region or universally. 
  • The preferred language is English for universal understanding, though local languages can be used as required. 
  • Statistics used should be backed by evidence, especially in the case of comparisons. Statements and claims made about products should be factual and verifiable. They must match the information present in the product’s description. 
  • The ad must contain your brand logo and a headline. Otherwise, it may be deactivated by Amazon. 
  • The background image used should be of high resolution. It should accommodate the video player in the middle without obstructing any important information about the product contained in it. There are different resolutions for desktop, mobile, and fire tablets that can be found here.

Types Of Amazon Product Videos

There are different types of videos you can use that target different gaps to fill in the marketing strategy. 


Lifestyle videos depict the experience a customer will have using a product. The ad shows how the customer’s lifestyle will be enhanced by it and how the product will fit in their present lifestyle. These videos are useful because they directly highlight the benefits a customer would get by using the product while explaining its main features. 


These videos exist to teach customers how to use a product. They go over the product’s main features sequentially and how each contributes to the product’s functioning. They may contain a voiceover or simply text on screen explaining things. 


These are the video equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. They contain present and past users of the product explaining how the product has benefited their lives. This works because psychologically, people are more accepting of feedback from users of a product instead of a company representative. 


In these videos, you directly compare your product with that of your competitors. You can highlight the ways your product is better and why it should be bought over your competitor’s. You should practice caution here as you can’t directly mention the competitors’ names and make outlandish, unsubstantiated claims about them or your product. Check with your Amazon product listing services agents before you go ahead with making such a video as they can help select the best ones for the job. 

The Benefits Of Using Amazon SEO Services For Product Video Advertising

Video advertising requires a methodical approach, with every frame scrutinized for guidelines conformity and containing the right messaging. Amazon marketing professionals come in handy when creating these due to their extensive knowledge and expertise in the subject. 

They also offer the following benefits that’ll help your business get an edge over the competition: 

  • They help keep development costs low due to economies of scale and other factors. 
  • They can provide Amazon listing experts to help decide which products will work best for video based on market demand for it, ROI potential, etc. 
  • The videos will be made live quickly, saving you time. 
  • They can offer important suggestions for your future videos. 
  • They’ll know when to review the videos and how to alter them for better effectiveness by monitoring the right metrics. 
  • You get your listing done right with videos fitting into your SEO tactics seamlessly for maximum organic traffic potential. 

In Conclusion

The competition to grab the increasing profit potential of eCommerce is heating up. Your product videos are one the most potent weapons you have to beat that competition and increase your market share. By enlisting Amazon SEO Services, you get the added benefits provided by them and make your selling experience a profitable one.