Is guest posting safe in SEO?

guest posting

The most simple answer is, yes it is safe. Although, there are several digital marketing gurus who are saying that guest posting service is not as effective as it was before. But if you use it properly then this is still the best opportunity to work on. Guest post services are as same as it was before though, there are a lot of changes happened on guest post service. Here we will show you all the aspect that helps in making a good impact on guest post services. Whatever is needed for the guest post will be shared in this article.

Effect of guest post in SEO:

Search engine always gives you some advantage if you have a good connection on the internet. And it is the standard process of Google or any search engine to find links through all possible sources. When you do a guest post on somebody’s website you got the chance to take leverage of the website owner. Google crawlers find your link on that site and put your link that you mention on your guest post for classification. Here google crawlers get a message that you doing some work on some particular niche.

You can see that here Google easily finds you. On whichever niche you are working on you can find guest post sites to guest post services.

How to get the best benefits from the guest post: 

You might not know why people are concerned about the guest post. Why guest post is working as well as it used to? The reason behind it is a complete irrelevance. And then Google found it as a very tough task to manage or categorize the niches properly. Many people are using guest post services just for the sake of money. They are charging a huge amount of money from the client and posting guest posting without following the guidelines. But they are not aware of Google’s technical system properly. Google penalises immediately these types of actions. You can guess easily that without following the proper guidelines guest post never work. And that is the reason most social media gurus are not mentioning this process. But I think that it is safe and profitable if you have proper knowledge of it. 

Do not charge for low-quality content: 

As you know now why Google penalizes guest posts. Now, whenever you accept or post a guest post you will keep in your mind that relevance matters. First of all, you should never charge for content that is not relevant. Then if someone providing you with duplicate or very low-quality content then neither you should charge anything nor even accept those types of content. Always take almost 1000-2000 words of content with a full detailed explanation regarding the niche. And then content should be a mixup of images and videos. Then if you are trying to share your post for the guest post you should follow the same method. This type of system is the only one that can help you otherwise guest post services are completely useless. 


In the conclusion, I would say do follow all the suggestions and you will get the best output from the guest post. Otherwise, thousands of people are using guest post services but they are not getting the results according to their need. So follow the rule properly. And if you are not able to do good search engine optimization (SEO) you can hire a digital marketing service company. Because digital marketing companies have an expert to work with. They can handle your projects and give you the results.