Is Guest Posting Effective in Building Backlinks? Must Read!

Is Guest Posting Effective in Building Backlinks

Are you the owner of a new website? Is your website a low domain authority? Are you struggling hard to develop backlinks? According to the experts’ tricks and tips like guest posting, it was effective 5-10 years back. 

However, with the passage of time, the requirements and the gameplay have changed. Age-old practices like Guest Blogging are not working to the optimum level. But the question that’s still in place is – Is Guest Posting the most effective one in building backlinks of high-value for the new websites.

We will explore that in the blog below:

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is the action of writing pieces of content for other websites. Basically, guest bloggers write similar blogs under the same niche to attract traffic back to their website. Through this process, the domain authority also gets boosted using the outbound links to the high-authority domain sites. This is where permanent backlinks come into use. 

Is Guest Posting Effective in Building Backlinks for The New Websites?

In this decade of omnichannel approaches, and ecommerce growth, creating attractive, engaging content is the key to success. Businesses are looking for new approaches to communicate with customers, and definitely, blogging is a way to inform customers about the services and products.

But is guest blogging still a feasible way to create backlinks for the new websites? Our research states that No, it’s not. Yes, I know that still now many follow the route, but that concept has changed now.

So, what do we think? 

Guest posting is now not the best method for building backlinks. It takes significant effort and time as you may not get responses from the website owners. Even you may end up not receiving any reply from them. In addition, you also have to pay them a sound amount of money. The main disadvantage here is that you have to give your content away that could have benefited your website otherwise

Do you know Google is not fond of paid guest-blogging? It prefers those backlinks which are the results of high-quality content, not of monetary exchange. Basically, what happens later is: as Google catches you up, the paid guest post backlinks will affect you negatively. 

Why Is Guest Posting Not the Ultimate Trick Now in Building Backlinks?

Now you know guest-blogging is no more a viable strategy to create High-Quality backlinks. Here are 4 supportive reasons why guest posting is not the best option anymore in building the backlinks. 

Take a quick look at the disadvantages of Guest Posting as one of the link buildings tips:

1. Your Tone Will Not Match to That of The Website’s Tone

Each and every writer has a different sense of perception and distinguishable style of writing. With respect to Grammar consistency, content quality, etc., your guest blogs won’t ever match with the host website’s tone. Google takes no time to identify this resulting failure of your plan in building backlinks. 

2. Guest Posting May Take Your Website Towards Black-Hat SEO tricks.

Once you give your content away, you lose your rights to it. You never know when the host blog will give away the syndication rights to the low-quality websites in lieu of money. A number of illegitimate websites will feature yours, and you will eventually lose the authority. As a blogger, you must stay in line with the White-Hat SEO strategies.

3. Guest-Blogging Is Not A Sustainable Tactic

A single guest post at a time cannot boost traffic to your website. Yes, you will get a backlink, but you have to get more for any identifiable result. This means that publishing bulk guest posts might bring minor results. 

Why would you waste so much time and effort? Think wisely 

4. Publishing Guest Posts Is a Matter of Time

Some of the bloggers might like the topic and concept of your guest post, although editing and proofreading take considerable time. This takes a lump-sum amount of time, without a doubt. Definitely, it’s less time-consuming to write a new blog rather than editing an existing one.  

The Takeaway

To make money in the blogging industry, you should move on from backdated practices like Guest posting. There are many other ways of building backlinks like: 

  • Utilizing the broken links, 
  • Publishing unique, high-quality content, 
  • Conducting a competitor analysis
  • Finding backlink opportunities from the Top Referral Sources

So instead of relying on mere guest posting, focus on these hacks to get quality backlinks and increase your domain authority. However, there are some benefits of guest blogging that we can’t deny. This includes increasing reach, improving content quality, building relationships, gaining fame, etc. 

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