Digital marketing, is it still in 2022?

digital marketing

Any marketing that practices electronic devices can be engaged by marketing specialists to send promotional messaging and process its impact on your customer journey. In practice, digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that act on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device. It can take various forms, with online video, display ads, search engine marketing, funded social ads, and social media posts.

Digital marketing is often linked to “traditional marketing,” like magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail. Oddly, television is usually taken in traditional marketing.

Let us first see the different types of digital marketing.

Types of digital marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing includes all a corporation does through social media channels. Routes for media marketing include Google My Business, eBay and Facebook Messenger, and Marketplace.

Search engine optimization

The goal of SEO is to get a business to rank higher in Google search results, ultimately increasing search engine traffic to the business’s website.


Pay-per-click denotes paid commercials and promoted search engine results.  Like SEO, PPC is a way to raise search traffic to a business online.

Content Marketing

Content marketing utilizes storytelling and data sharing to enhance brand awareness.  “Content” means blog posts, like white papers and ebooks, digital videos, podcasts, and much more.

Various educational content provided is available online today. Some of the genuine educational websites are Crazy for Study, Slader, Course Hero, Khan Academy, etc.

These platforms offer textbook manual solutions, assignment help, expert guidance, etc. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing experts know the skill to produce gripping campaigns, they also recognize optimal audience outreach. They are skilled at analyzing customer interactions and data strategic marketing decisions based on that data.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing reaches people via text messages, social media, websites, email, and mobile applications. Marketers can fit offers to a physical location or time, such as when a shopper strolls into a store or arrives at an event.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing utilizes the ever-growing acceptance of industry experts and social media influencers. According to reports, the affiliate marketing industry’s progress is 6.8 billion in 2020.

Marketing Analytics

One of the major leads of digital marketing is verifiable and determinate. Once the only trackable marketing pieces were vouchers and similar direct mail offers. If a customer used the coupon, you knew the message rang.

Why choose digital marketing?

Let’s learn about the benefits of digital marketing.

·   It is cost-effective

·   Easier personalization

·   Measurable

·       You can engage audiences at every stage with digital marketing.

What is trending in digital marketing in 2022?

Yes, digital marketing is trending in 2022 and will continue to do so.

Let us dig in to learn about the trends that will be widespread in 2022. Marketers can also learn how to take advantage of these.

1. Meta is everywhere

Metaverse is a term that pools virtual and augmented experiences. Big giants have pinned their hopes on this. Marketers should start to look for openings for their businesses in these spaces.

2. Advertising is faced with privacy

Current digital ads are deeply dependent on data to optimize. New privacy guidelines like the iOS update and the pending removal of cookies have been dipping the data used in artificial intelligence.

Marketers should evaluate its impact on their publicity and be active.

3.    Influencers continue to grow

Influencer marketing reached $13.8 billion in 2021 and continues to grow. These campaigns inherently provide context and relevance since the influencer is endorsing the product. The B2B segment also embraces influencers-SAP, Adobe, GE, and PWC have channeled this trend.

Marketers should look for opportunities to partner with influencers in their space.

4.    Marketers get more strategic.

As computerization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning take away a lot of the grunt work of digital marketing, marketers must become more strategic. The options of digital marketing continue to grow.

5.    LinkedIn in growing

LinkedIn remains to be a rising star in the digital space. Each quarter they show significant gains in monthly active users and activities on the platform. They are also constantly launching new features that drive better results for business and pages.

6.    SEO is less game and more integrated

Search engine optimization is one of the ancient and most valued forms of digital marketing. As search algorithms have become smarter and more contextual, marketers need to focus less on the hacks and tricks of SEO and more on providing meaningful experiences to their users.

7.    Experiences are the new social currency  

Businesses still scream to initiate word-of-mouth and earn social attention. As the promotion space becomes noisier, earned media and word-of-mouth set off to be essential to breakthrough.

Marketers should focus on forming experiences at every stage of their interaction with consumers to earn social media word-of-mouth.

8.    Digital jobs continue to grow.

LinkedIn says digital skills are in, and if you got them, then flaunt them. Yet there is a large skill gap between the number of industries probing for digital skills and the skills in the market. Marketers should try and stay relevant, and leaders should have digital upskill plans for their companies.

9.    Websites get faster

Website traffic is immensely mobile; however, most websites still don’t have fully mobile-optimized experiences. Marketers must make sure their site is optimal.

10. Everything is algorithm-driven

All of digital marketing- social media news feeds, display ads, social ads, search engine optimization, and even email- is becoming algorithm-driven. To stay significant, marketers should provide a user experience that customers want or their content less evident.

11. less is more

The outburst of digital marketing options means many businesses are spread too thin across too many channels. Smart businesses emphasize on leading one channel. Marketers should get focused and aim to do fewer things better.

There is still a massive potential in the digital space. The number of global digital buyers in 2021 was 2.14 billion.

In 2021, eCommerce trades accounted for 18.1 percent of retail sales globally. One of the reasons people shop online is free delivery.

Summing up

Digital marketing should be one of the prime focuses of almost any business’s overall marketing strategy. Never has there been a way to stay in such constant contact with your customers, and nothing else offers the level of personalization that digital data can provide. The more you grip the possibilities of digital marketing, the more you will realize your company’s growth prospective.

Analyzing the above points, we can definitely say that digital marketing is still relevant in 2022 and will continue its charm.