Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Channels

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Have you heard what Digital Marketing is all about? This simply indicates the use of effective methods to reach a wider audience online to promote products and services. Due to the prevalent use of digital devices and the internet, various online applications and channels have been created such as social media platforms, search engine sites and websites that make digital marketing more innovative and competitive. Unlike traditional marketing that usually uses a newspaper and print media, marketing online would be more convenient to understand how customers behave and discover new processes to effectively approach them. It could be in the form of marketing via email, social media, content writing, search engine apps, affiliates, online ads and the like. As long as they will be able to capture customer’s attention online for business purposes. Take note that an effective digital marketing must be interactive or two-way engagement between the buyer and seller. In that way, you cannot only get customers but also to build connections and let them spread positive experience from your services through word of mouth.

Here are the 6 Digital Marketing Channels to Reach Your Customers

PPC Advertising / Pay-Per-Click

This is one of the most popular ways of paid advertising technique that can be seen on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest, Twitter and the like. The main technique is to let people see your ads according to the related keywords they are searching for. It depends on what type of service or product you have. You must segmented the ads accurately based on the target market’s preferences, age, gender, location and so on. Once it has been segmented, the platform will advertise it to appropriate viewers or audiences that will boost your brand identity. For instance, you’re targeting the property managers in Alabama, Birmingham. You must set the demographic location into it for better results. Hence you will be able to get customers from the paid platforms you utilized which is helpful to your business.

Website Marketing 

This serves as the front face of digital marketing to their primary viewers since most businesses have their own websites and profiles to build their foundation. This is the primary channel to carry out various marketing campaigns to give other people an idea about what services or products you offer. The website should include a classic logo and brand name, product or service offerings, testimonials, contact information and other helpful resources. Your goal is to present your business website in a professional and remarkable way. It should be easy to navigate and has a faster loading time.

Email Marketing

Have you ever received newsletters? That’s part of email marketing and it is one of the effective techniques since it provides valuable information to subscribers. This became the medium of getting connected with multiple prospective consumers for your business. Online marketers will acquire a set of leads by leading them on a landing page where they will give their information like email to subscribe. In return, subscribers will receive either free e-books or creative newsletters. And that’s when marketers will turn those leads to an active customers.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the oldest tactics but still one of the lucrative marketing strategies that you can do actively and passively. The main factor here is promoting someone else’s brand or business offerings to a wider scope of audience by an influencer or a skilled marketer. In every sale it incurs, the advertiser will get a commission pay that can be profitable once implemented consistently. Numerous online marketplace platforms offer affiliate marketing opportunities like Clickbank, Amazon, Digital Store and the like.

Content Marketing

Through the use of informative and valuable content, firms are able to generate higher organic traffic on their business website. The quality content or articles are being published on a certain website that will eventually advertise through PPC, Search Engine Optimization and the like. This encompasses blogs, podcasts, mentorship programs, and virtual meetings.

Social Media Marketing 

The marketing process takes place on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. The main purpose is to build brand identity and establish its reputation to their target audience. You can also obtain leads and turn them into active consumers. Through social media marketing, you can conveniently stay in touch with your market and eventually conduct a direct selling or even close your potential deals.