16 Instagram’s Top Followers Trackers


In time, you will increase the number of followers through Instagram. It is possible that you are not within the ranks of Selena Gomez or Cristiano, each with over 250 million Instagram followers. However, it isn’t easy even for a novice Instagram users to keep the track of who follows and who has unfollowed them.

The default Instagram application does not offer simple ways of managing your followers or keep the track of those who follow you and who don’t. In the end developers have developed a variety of applications that provide a more advanced interface that can help you manage your followers.

A lot of these Instagram follower trackers share the same names and nearly identical features. Certain focus on Instagram stats. We’ve previously examined in greater detail about the apps that offer insights on how you are doing on your Instagram analysis.

The majority of the apps we take a look at are basic (and cost nothing). They will make the life of anyone who has more than a few followers a bit more comfortable.

16 Instagram’s Top Followers Trackers [+ Free Tracking ToolTracking Tool for Instagram]:

  1. Follower Analyzer (Instagram)

Follower Analyzer gives you pertinent statistics on the number of Instagram followers. It will show you who you have unfollowed and those who aren’t follow you. You can also monitor new followers, locate the common friends of yours and look up your followers. It is possible to see which of your firafollower have not liked or posted comments on your posts. You can also see those who always like or commented on friends post. You can view your most liked and most frequently comments statuses as well as people who frequently are linked to your posts.

An additional premium purchase is available that permits multiple logins for your account and the ability to analyze your profile for unlimited times and also removes your advertisements.

  • Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)

This application makes unfollowing and following individuals extremely simple. It allows you to use their Instagram tracker to discover the various analytics of the performance of your Instagram account. The app is ad-supported and includes in-app purchases to access more sophisticated features.

You can track your unfollowers and followers and find ghost followers. find out which of your followers is genuine, not just bots, and discover what posts have the highest success.

It is easy to track and manage the reach of your content by analyzing the reactions of your readers to your content.

3. Followers for Instagram! (Component Studios)

You can use Followers on Instagram to see who’s followed and unfollowed you, who’s not follow you in return, as well as who you’re not following back.

It is possible to access the most popular features for free, however there are some in-app purchasesthat include the ability to display blocked Instagram followers as well as deleted comments and likes from your users, an upgraded Perception pack and the Involvement upgrade pack and the Monitoring upgrade pack.

It’s easy to use, and it allows you to follow and unfollow users from within the application. It can be used to remove fake followers that have made it on your lists.

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4. Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)

Another app that is a favorite that has more than 150,000 users rating it 5 stars and an overall rating of 4.5.

While you do get some of the features free of charge but you have to pay for an array of expensive features.

The app lets you do:

  • Find out who you’ve acquired and lost
  • Find out who been blocking you
  • Unfollow people who haven’t followed you.
  • Keep the track of your most loyal customers
  • Follow multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Learn about your spies, potential spammers, and unactive users
  • Thank you to your most faithful followers.

The app includes extensive advertisements.

5. Followers Tools for Instagram (CC Soft)

The Followers Tool for Instagram offers you an abundance of information that will help you control and manage your Instagram account. As with most applications listed here, you can access the basic capability for no cost (although there are advertisements) and then purchase additional features as an upgrade.

The core app lets it is possible to follow, defollow or unblock followers with no restrictions. Additionally, you can set it up to unfollow automatically using separate lists. You can keep the track of all your new followers, your new followers, lost followers/ unfollowers, as well as lost followers/unfollows. You can also view who you’ve blocked as well as who blocked you.

The app also gives plenty of statistics, like the total number of posts, liked comments, follows and followers, as well with trending topics.

One of the most popular features is analysis of photos and videos. This includes statistics about your most – and least-loved media items based on their comments or likes.

Another great feature is user engagement. This will reveal which of your least and most active followers are in relation to comments or likes. Additionally, it provides you with the list of ghost followers who can be removed from your account in a matter of minutes.

6. FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)

FollowMeter for Instagram offers a beautiful interface that will help you manage all of your Instagram followers. It can provide you with the following information at no cost:

  • the number of followers who have that were added
  • the number of followers who have been lost
  • the number of non-followers
  • the most and least images and videos.
  • your total likes
  • your total comments
  • your average likes
  • your average comments

If you choose to make an optional premium purchase, you’ll be highlighted in the Discover section of the app, for all users to view (and hopefully, follow).

7. Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean (Prakash Desai)

This app can be used to get rid of your ghost followers – those who are inactive on Instagram and aren’t involved in any interaction. Ghost accounts can be created by individuals or social bots. They are not able to improve to improve an Instagram account. Most scammers create fake accounts that have fake profiles.

This app can be used to track your latest 100 posts from your followers who don’t engage or interact in any other way.

You can utilize the app as well to keep track of and delete all of your Instagram unfollowers. It is possible to carry our mass unfollows as high as 60 users in a single hour.

8. Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)

Reports + provides a variety of features that will enrich your Instagram experience with it’s free application. This includes:

  • Key account analytics
  • Follow your follower’s gains and Losses
  • Keep track of your post-performance
  • Track engagement
  • Make sure you are scheduling and optimizing your posts.
  • Find out who your top Instagram followers are and also which of your Instagram followers enjoyed your posts most.
  • Discover your unfollowers

You will be able to access additional information about your account by signing up to an add-on premium.

9. Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers (Quadro Tools)

The name of the app”Tracker for Instagram Followers and Unfollowers is a perfect description of what it can do. It lets you learn about individuals who are following your account (or have recently removed you from their follower list). Reviewers of the app are also divided with 878 users rating it 5-star and 383, giving an average rating of 1 star. It is likely that you will like to test it before making purchasing an in-app purchase.

As with most applications, you’ll need to put up with advertisements.

It gives you a comprehensive Instagram report on your followers including followers who aren’t following you, secret admirers, stalkers, ghost followers, analytics, and likes. The data includes information about your most popular content (likes as well as reposts) as well as followers and unfollowers comments, likes, page views, and so on.

10. Unfollow for Instagram – Unfollowers & Fans (Unfollow App)

This is a basic app which lets you monitor people who don’t follow you on Instagram. It can also let you unfollow individuals, either in one go or in groups.

While this app is less easy than other apps it accomplishes exactly what it claims to do. It lets you find the people you have unfollowed and unfollow them yourself by just a few clicks.

11. Unfollow Users for Instagram (Xiuxin Soft Team)

Another simple, free application that delivers what it says. The homepage displays people you follow but don’t follow back. You can remove them from your account right from the app or by removing them one at a time , or in batches of 10.

12. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers – Follower Insight

Unfollowers and Followers Analytics for Instagram is a huge hit among its users, with an average of 4.5 in Google Play, with more than 40,000 users giving it 5-star ratings.

It is a bit of a strong number of features, including

  • Listing your unfollowers, ghost followers, mutual followers, recent unfollowers
  • An opportunity to be included in an international shout-out
  • The chance to get a part of a press shout-out
  • The ability to add users to whitelists
  • Follow/unfollow via the app.

The app is completely free but it is ad-supported.

13. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram (Follow Cop)

A bit confusingly, the app is found as a Google Play app Google Play as Unfollowers & Ghost Followers on Instagram however, it’s listed in the copy of the page (and within the application its own) by the name Follow Cop.

It’s designed to be an extensive Instagram management tool “With Follow Cop, be a cop of your Instagram profile.”

It’s a completely free paid app. Its highlights include:

  • Your non-followers
  • The ability to give global shout-outs
  • Can be supported as many as 3 Instagram accounts. Can support up to 3 Instagram
  • People you don’t want to follow back
  • Recent unfollowers
  • Ghost followers
  • You can create a whitelist of your most liked users, to ensure you don’t lose track of them
  • Your top commenters and likers
  • Speechless likes
  • Can de-follow up to 20 people in a just one click (with no limit on hours)
  • Ability to identify fraudulent followers, false followers and followers from mutual

14. Unfollowers for Instagram Lost (Elegant)

The no-cost Unfollowers app for Instagram Lost assists you find those unfollowers (both nonfollowers and lost followers) on your Instagram account. It detects and highlights those you follow who do not follow back. It can also be set to highlight people you don’t follow back.

15. Tracker for Instagram (Appyfurious LLC)

Tracker for Instagram allows you to keep track of the number of followers you have gained and those that have lost. You can see how your posts perform, as well as your most liked posts as well as your top liked videos and photos.

Tracker is also a great tool for Instagram to monitor follower engagement.

Although the app is absolutely free but you can also purchase the premium version ($US9.99 each month) that gives you additional information including your most loved media posts as well as the top commenters, your “stalkers,” ghost followers blocks, top likers, blockers and top commenters

It is worth looking over the reviews on the app prior to downloading it, since people have a variety of opinions The most popular reviews are five stars as well as one-star.

16. Who Unfollowed (Webilisim)

The Who Unfollowed app is no-cost application, however you can pay to advertise your app to the 200,000 users.

You can see people who have removed you from their followers via Instagram on as many Instagram accounts you’d like. It will also show the most recent unfollowers as well as your ghost followers. It also offers options for customization so that you can customize it however you’d like it to be.

Contrary to some other apps on this list There aren’t any hourly limitations. You are able to unfollow any number of people you want in one time.