What Are Instagram Stories Features To Increase Engagement?

instagram stories features

Would you like to increase Instagram Stories engagement? Even if your audience isn’t seeing your posts in their feed, Instagram Stories are a fun, cost-free, and successful method to interact with them.

You want to engage and involve the approximately 500 million users who watch Instagram Stories daily!

Are you prepared to discover more? We’re going to get into some of the most effective methods and pointers for increasing Instagram Stories engagement and views. 

Consider your Instagram Stories like a journal about your company. This will help you attract a sizable and devoted following of viewers.

Here are some tips for increasing Instagram Stories views- 

Finest Instagram Story Features To Boost Engagement & Views 

Hashtags for locations and geolocation

Increasing organic reach and engaging with your target audience are two of the simplest strategies to enhance engagement. The greater involvement you can get, the more eyes your content receives. It’s crucial to make sure that your Stories reach the appropriate audience because engagement measures how much user interaction there is with your content.

Accordingly, including geotags and location Instagram hashtags improves local findings and generates 79% higher engagement. The best thing, though, is… You may reach people who aren’t already following you on Instagram by using geotags in Instagram Stories, which can help you draw in additional customers who are interested in your goods or services. As you reach the correct audience, you can therefore receive higher engagement rates.

Embedding Instagram stories on the brand website 

As mentioned above, since Instagram stories are super entertaining, vibrant, and fun, they add an uber cool element to your website as well. Hence, brands and marketers have started to embed Instagram stories into their websites to enjoy benefits like more visitor engagement, reduced bounce rates, more dwell time, and ultimately more conversions and sales. 

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Taking advantage of this, you can collect, curate, and embed Instagram stories on your website using a social media aggregation tool. There are various options available and you can choose a tool like the Taggbox instagram widget for the website. It is a super responsive tool that enables you to curate and embed content from different social media platforms including Instagram. The comprehensive set of features offered by the tool work incredibly well to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the widget. The tool offers a customization panel that can be used to make the widget more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The other features offered by the tool are content moderation, advanced analytics, and much more. 

Additionally, the platform itself also offers its users the ability to embed content on their website. The process is extremely simple, however, it allows the user to embed only one story at a time, making the entire process extremely time-consuming. 

Include Quiz Stickers in your stories 

People enjoy taking quizzes because they can learn more about themselves and put their knowledge to the test; therefore, if you utilize the quiz sticker, they will be more inclined to interact with your business.

You can write your question on this sticker and offer multiple-choice answers (2-4 answer choices). After voting, the Correct response will be marked in green so users can see if they were correct.

There are numerous uses for the quiz sticker, including gathering information about your followers and determining how well they are familiar with your business.

Leverage Countdown Stickers 

It goes without saying that one of the finest methods to persuade your audience to act quickly is by making them feel as though they must act right away.

The countdown sticker lets you advertise a significant event while enabling your audience to set a reminder for any day and time (up to a year later) to receive notifications. People tap on the sticker to receive the countdown message on time because they are worried about missing something significant.

Find Out When Instagram Stories Viewers Are Most Active

To increase the number of people who read your Instagram stories posts, you must understand whenever your audience is most active there.

You can schedule your post to go live at a time that is most convenient for your followers to watch if you can figure out when they are most likely to be tapping through stories.

Start by examining your Instagram Insights. Every Instagram business profile has access to Instagram’s native statistics, which may provide some fantastic numbers and insights into the behaviors of your followers.

Calling It A Wrap! 

It’s getting difficult to stand out in the crowd on Instagram as it becomes more popular among consumers and companies. These days, using Instagram Stories is a necessity if you want to communicate with potential consumers and reach out to your target demographics. 

Since you are now aware of the features that can help you increase your engagement, go on and include these strategies to increase your content’s effectiveness.