5 Easy Steps to Increase Impression Share of Keywords

increase impression share

After making PPC advertising viable, PPC managers are frequently challenged with identifying growth possibilities to boost PPC conversions even further.

There are numerous methods for increasing conversions in a PPC account. You may increase the number of relevant keywords in your account or improve the conversion rate on your landing pages to increase the number of leads you receive. Increasing your impression share is another approach to expand your Google Ads PPC advertising account.

By raising your impression share, your PPC ads will display on more searches for which you are currently bidding. This should increase the number of people who click on your adverts and the number of people who convert to your website.

However, how do you boost your impression share? In this blog, we’ll show you how to enhance your traffic and conversions by increasing the impression share on your Search campaigns.

1. Bids should be increased

Increase the bid of the keyword management with a low impression share, which is the first and most obvious thing you can do.

An Ad Rank is assigned to each of your keywords. The contestant with the highest Ad rank wins the top place on the page in an auction. Second place goes to the rival with the next greatest Ad rank, and so on. By raising your maximum bid, you’ll boost your Ad Rank and, hopefully, outrank your competitors more frequently.

2. Improve your CTR

You really don’t have room to raise your offers all the time because it would eat into your profits. If you are unable to improve your bid, you might focus on increasing your clickthrough rate. Without increasing your bid, you will be able to acquire more clicks for the same impression share.

For example, if your low impression share keyword receives 10,000 impressions and you boost the clickthrough rate from 5% to 6%, you’ll increase from 500 to 600 clicks. If your term has a conversion rate of 3%, it should go from 15-18 conversions to 15-18 conversions. Without increasing your offers, you’d obtain three more conversions at the same cost per conversion.

Begin by creating a filter that will display all terms with an impression share that you deem low. Then apply a filter that only displays keywords with a poor clickthrough rate. This will help you with keyword research. Examine the ad copy you’re using for these keywords and consider how you may improve it.

3. Examine each segment’s performance

You may not be able to boost your bids across the board, but there may be some areas where your account excels. You should concentrate your efforts on identifying high-performing areas and boosting your aggression in those areas.

You can segment the performance of your Google Ads account in a variety of ways in Google Ads:

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Device
  • Audience
  • Location

Once you’ve identified a section that outperforms others in your account, you’ll need to decide how much you want to raise the price on that segment. The specific formula can be used to compute the bid adjustment for a certain segment. It will give you an estimate of how much the bid adjustment should be increased.

4. As keywords, include high-performing traffic

Long-tail traffic can be introduced as a new keyword for non-exact match keywords with a high search volume and a fair rate of conversions. You can extract high-converting traffic from a non-exact match term with a low impression share if you can’t afford to boost its bid.

You can be more aggressive on the bids of the high converting keywords if you generate high-converting traffic from your non-exact match keywords. You can lower the bids once you’ve removed the majority of the high-converting traffic from your non-exact match keywords. You’ll be less aggressive on your low-performing keywords and more aggressive on your high-performing keywords as a result of this.

5. Irrelevant traffic is blocked

Getting clicks from irrelevant traffic that isn’t interested in your product or service can eat into your PPC budget. It lowers the profitability of your PPC advertising, therefore you’ll have to lower your bids to keep your campaigns profitable.

The profitability of your PPC advertisements should improve if you can identify and delete irrelevant traffic. This will allow you to increase your bids and still be profitable while gaining a higher impression share.

Go to your Google Ads account’s keyword research report to start detecting irrelevant traffic. Look for terms or phrases that indicate the user isn’t interested in your service or product.

Increasing your Google Ads PPC campaign’s impression share will help you gain more exposure online and drive more traffic to your website. Increased bids are the first step advertisers take to boost their impression share.

If you can’t afford to raise your bids, though, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a number of other things you may do to increase your impression share utilizing keyword management. It takes a PPC expert to examine an account and determine what has to be done to increase your impression share.

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