February 28, 2024

Strategies & Tips to Increase Engagement on YouTube Channel

YouTube videos

It will be a big mistake if you ignore the power of video content while strategizing your marketing game. 

Your potential customers are more attracted by the video content in marketing than any textual description as videos are easy to process for the brain. And the best way to do so is by taking your business to YouTube, one of the most demanding visual platforms which has billions of viewers. 

However, just making videos and sharing them with the world on YouTube will not be enough engagement is the key to skyrocketing your channel. Thus, you must work to increase engagement on YouTube which helps your channels to reach more audience. The strategy of embedding YouTube videos into websites will certainly help you to drive huge engagement to your YouTube channel. 

A high level of engagement on your YouTube will prove that your content is worth watching and that your audience is able to connect with it. Engagement is the key aspect that not only helps you build a community but also make sure that the videos are reaching more audience. 

However, many of you may be confused about how you can boost engagement on your YouTube channel. Thus, to make things clear this article will tell you some of the hacks that help you to boost engagement of your YouTube channel and to reach a larger audience.

Be with this article till the end to know about them.  

The Secret Sauce To Increase Engagement On YouTube

You need to think very strategically if you genuinely want to increase engagement on YouTube. If you are able to build the right engagement that will lead you to build a good bond with your entire viewers. A good engagement will encourage good comments on your video and more people will share your videos which will boost reach as well. The only way to achieve all these is by creating content on YouTube that maintains high quality, relevance to your audience’s needs, and engaging. 

So, how can you bring them into your content? Below is the secret sauce spilled to you. 

  1. Focus on your video title

Before anything else, viewers will go through the title of your YouTube Videos so make it attractive. Remember the below rules if you want to craft a good and appealing title for your videos. 

Avoid running around the bush which means your title must be to the point and clear to its meaning. If you do your research you will see that all the popular YouTube videos have a short, descriptive, and catchy title. Make sure the word limit of your title does not exceed the limit of 60 characters because a title with more characters will be chopped off after uploading the videos. 

The keyword should be on the first half of the title and make sure to make it informative. The first sentence of your title is important as most viewers read only that. 

  1.  The thumbnail

After the title thumbnail is the next important aspect. An attractive thumbnail can be a game-changer. As already mentioned, the human brain is designed to get attracted by the visuals more easily than the texts. 

The feature of YouTube will automatically create a thumbnail for your video but its quality is poor and blurry. Thus, it would be best if you create an attractive thumbnail for your video by yourself. The thumbnail must be eye-catching and will instantly attract the audience and increase views. 

Some of the basic thumbnail rules you need to remember:

  • Follow the size guide for the social media images.
  • Keep the file format to JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  • The size must be 2MB. 
  • Add the perfect blend of text and color. 
  • Close image is the best option.
  1. Profile information must be completed

Must not keep the information on your profile incomplete. It’s a bad idea to keep your full focus just on creating videos and ignoring other things. A complete informative YouTube profile will boost its SEO and it is the main thing in the advertisement. 

Maintain a pattern of color scheme, layout, and font that matches your other social media platforms. Must include your full contact details in the description so that people can reach you for different business needs like partnerships, brand promotion offers, and other things. Must use keywords in the description as well. 

  1. Keep the Video quality high

If you focus on increasing engagement on YouTube then make sure you are creating high-quality videos. Must use a phone or camera that can shoot high-quality video, then make sure the sound quality is good, and must brush up your video editing skills. 

Always check the video before publishing it and make sure it’s high quality and seems professional. 

  1. Engage with your audience

If you look into other famous YouTubers they always try to keep their viewers and subscribers happy by personally connecting with them. Those who are commenting on your videos leave their heart and it will be a sweet gesture to give them a quick reply. 

Check for the top fans and show them some extra love and care by giving them a shoutout on your videos. Your fans will appreciate it and will love this gesture which can increase engagement on YouTube. 

Parting Note

If you want consistent growth on YouTube then you need to increase engagement. Numerous strategies are there to achieve that. One strategy that is a game changer in YouTube marketing today is to embed YouTube channel into websites. 

However, this article has shared with you the secret sauce that will help you to increase engagement on YouTube. It is very important to think strategically if you want to increase engagement on YouTube. The only way to achieve this is by creating content that is relevant, interesting, and engaging.

Now, the secret is revealed to you to increase engagement on YouTube.