Top Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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You’ve spent time and effort optimizing your Facebook business page, but if you want to increase engagement, then you really need to put in the extra effort. If your business page is lacking in engagement, it can have an impact on customer acquisition and your sales. Longer-term, it can also have a negative effect on customer retention and brand image. In this article, we’re going to take a look at tips to help you increase engagement on your Facebook business page.

Post-Native Videos Directly to Facebook

We all know that video is the future of content marketing. Video is visual, it catches attention and informs. We are exposed to so much information that we do not have time to read, but we do have time to watch. However, creating a video for your Facebook Page is not the end solution – you need more engagement via likes, shares, and comments. 

To achieve this provides users with a call to action at the beginning of your video through an introduction – this will create interest and entices viewers to continue watching (and sharing). You can even take guidance from SMO Company in India.

Optimize Your Videos & Create Video Playlists

Video is becoming a bigger and bigger deal on Facebook, as well as sites like YouTube. With the right video, you can easily reach new audiences, increase your social media marketing ROI, and more. If you’re a Facebook user, then you’ve probably run into a video on your feed. 

Videos have become the most popular way to communicate and connect with an audience. Say, what you want about Facebook videos, there’s no doubt that they’ve received a lot of attention — and for good reason. They are easy to create and have the capacity to generate lots of engagement.

Go live

Facebook is a social network that’s used to connect with friends or family, share photos and videos, or plan an event with other users. Many businesses choose to create a Facebook business page because of the marketing potential it has. You could use your Facebook page to announce products, features, and services, host contests, generate leads, and respond to customer feedback. 

Pressing “Go Live” on your Facebook business page is the best thing you can do for it. This button allows visitors to your page to become friends with you and share their updates with their network. Engagement will skyrocket after going live, from likes and comments inside the wall of your business page to tag your brand in posts and more. We are a leading Social Media Marketing Company in India.

Post Exclusive Content

Facebook users like to be engaged. However, they want to know they aren’t wasting their time by visiting your Facebook page. They want to see the posts you provide are exclusive and add value. By providing exclusive content on your Facebook page, you can increase engagement and potentially convert that into leads or sales.