5 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Brand Exposure and Awareness

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In the increasingly competitive market where most marketing decisions are based on extensive analytics and sophisticated software, it can be easy to get discouraged if your budget doesn’t allow for such tactics. However, the sheer power of creativity should never be overlooked. It’s cost-effective, productive, and one of the oldest yet most successful strategies overall, and here are some ways you can use creativity to increase your brand exposure and awareness as well:

Give SMS marketing a go

Although not a new branding idea, SMS marketing is still a direct, affordable, and efficient way of engaging with your audience. The tactic offers high open rates and deliverability, with an overwhelming majority of text messages being open and read within the first few minutes. This makes bulk SMS strategies a great option for increasing brand awareness.

Using a specialized text messaging service, you will be able to efficiently convey any news regarding your brand, including new products and services, interesting promotions and special discounts, as well as instant mobile ads. SMS still remains a leader in marketing, allowing any brand, regardless of its size, to increase its exposure and awareness at a surprisingly low cost.

Choose video marketing tactics

While investing in social media tactics might be branding 101, video content is currently on the rise and presents a great marketing opportunity. Not only does it provide a richer, more engaging experience for customers, but it is also much easier for your audience to consume, as well as being an incredibly efficient way of influencing purchasing behavior.

Millions of people around the globe are watching YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos each day, presenting a great potential to reach a wider audience and create a more powerful marketing campaign. But just like any other branding effort, your video content needs to be interesting and appealing to your target audience if you want to reap the full benefits of branded videos.

Try gaming for brand experience

Branded gaming experiences are increasing in popularity, and for a good reason. It’s a great way to motivate and inspire online users, especially younger generations, and it keeps audiences interested in and interacting with your brand. The global gaming industry is also rapidly expanding, making it the ideal time to invest in unique branded experiences.

If you want to focus on gaming strategies as well, consulting an experienced employer branding agency might be the best course of action. Whether you’re in search of the best industry talent, attempting to stay ahead of the competition, aiming for innovation, or simply trying to expand your outreach, such experts will allow you to showcase your brand in front of those who matter to you most.

Decide if humor is for you

Using humor as a method of building brand exposure is incredibly high-rewarding, but it can come with high risks as well. A funny and smart post can truly do wonders for brand exposure, but a wrong move could have quite negative consequences. It will all depend on your target audience, the type of product or service you provide, as well as your overall brand identity.

Humorous posts on social media have already allowed many brands to connect with younger demographics in quite unique and effective ways. Comedy has proved to be particularly efficient when it came as a surprise from brands, such as using the right logo designs, funny memes, and parody videos for new marketing campaigns. If done intentionally and wisely, humor can have great benefits, but it has to align with your brand identity in order to be successful.

Partner with other brands

When attempting to gain more exposure and awareness, partnering with other brands could also be a powerful strategy. Co-branding can be particularly successful for introducing brands to entirely new audiences while creating an interesting, unique, or even newsworthy experience.

For a brand partnership to be successful, you don’t necessarily have to work with world-famous companies and faces. It’s possible to form a strategic partnership with smaller brands as well, allowing you to create a mutually beneficial opportunity that can be publicized all over social media or on both brands’ email marketing campaigns. The secret to success is creating a unique experience that will introduce you to a new and receptive market.

Wrapping up

One of the main goals of any brand is to reach higher levels of exposure and awareness. The cost-effective tactics mentioned above, combined with analytics and some creative thinking, will allow you to do just that, and accelerate your road to success.

Written by Mike Johnston