Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is one of the marketing strategy that aims to pull the customers with relevant and useful content in order to engage the target audience. These include social media, content creation, infographics, email newsletters etc.

Inbound Marketing make use of digital marketing tools but put them together to work under a same marketing and sales strategy.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  1. It simplifies sales and marketing work.
  2. It increases brand awareness.
  3. It will educate your target audience.
  4. It increases confidence and credibility.
  5. It generated quality traffic and leads.
  6. It will improve your relationship with customers.
  7. It saves your time.
  8. It works well alongside outbound tactics.
  9. It is customer centric.

With the help of outbound marketing, a company actively pushes a product message to potential customers. These include cold calls, cold emails, direct mails, billboards etc.

Benefits of Outbound Marketing

  1. It helps in targeting the messages strategically.
  2. It will expand your reach
  3. It is easy to implement.
  4. It provides instant feedback.

Differences between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

It is marketing strategy that stresses on creating relevant content.Outbound marketing pushes marketing messages onto the target audience via traditional methods.
In Inbound Marketing, the marketer uses educational and useful messaging techniques.In Outbound Marketing, the marketer makes use of broad and complicated messaging.
Message distribution is continuous in inbound marketing.Message distribution is inconsistent in outbound marketing.
Data about customer engagement is available in inbound marketing.Data about customer engagement is not available in outbound marketing.
Marketing strategies used in inbound marketing are created so that clients approach you.In outbound marketing, the target audience is sought out. That is to say, millions of people watch the message when it is broadcast.
Sending clients an inbound marketing message enhances the knowledge.There is no knowledge or value addition from messaging in outbound marketing.
With inbound marketing, the marketer only makes a passive contribution.In case of outbound marketing, the marketer is actively engaged.
Various tools and analytics are available in inbound marketing.Various tools and analytics are not available in outbound marketing.
It uses marketing tactics to earn audience interest.It uses marketing tactics to push products on the consumers.
In inbound marketing, the marketer gets what he or she plans for.In outbound marketing, the marketer gets according to the efforts made in selling the product.
It is customer centric.It is company centric.
It is two way communicationIt is one way communication.
It educates the viewers.It does not educate the viewers.

Why is outbound still effective?

Even though a substantial portion of marketers disregard outbound, favouring to use only inbound techniques, outbound has consistently demonstrated its efficacy over the years. Here are a few reasons in favour of paying attention to outbound:

  1. Immediate ROI: It is not always obvious in inbound marketing which traffic results in sales and how effective it is. The appeal of outbound marketing is that it enables you to quickly and effectively convert leads in addition to attracting them.
  • Efficient Targeting: Even if your prospect is unaware of who you are and what you do, outbound marketing gives you the opportunity to approach them directly. You have complete control over who you pitch your product to, pursue your most desirable accounts rather than sorting through hundreds of inbound leads.
  • Faster Results: Long-term inbound marketing strategies are successful, but outbound marketing strategies are better if you want to quickly expand your consumer base. All businesses that are only interested in inbound marketing should think about incorporating outbound marketing into their strategy.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: When businesses are deciding between inbound and outbound for B2B, they frequently ignore the advantage of outbound’s personalised messaging. By speaking with your clients directly, you can get to know them better and, as a result, gain a clear knowledge of their challenges and the answers you should provide. You develop trust and a superior product after you follow a consistent message strategy that is pertinent to the concerns of your prospects. With outbound, you can quickly gain additional knowledge about your target market.

The best marketing strategy for your business will be the one that best works for your business. With time the inbound and outbound marketing strategies will change and it offers new ways of targeting your audience. Inbound marketing traffic is far more valuable traffic than outbound marketing traffic. Together they create a sustainable and long term program that can produce sales opportunities.