February 26, 2024

Important Features of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

1. Applications

An app is a small piece of software that does a specific task. Whether it’s a social network, a calculator, the news, a game, or a map, these apps serve a purpose and can be found pre-installed on your smartphone or downloaded from an App store.

2. Mobile Advertising

Ads on websites have become optional, but gaining additional revenue from mobile ads has become mandatory. The benefit of mobile ads is that the company can ‘own’ that small screen. Whereas a website may have several ads appearing, a mobile ad may only have one.

3. Mobile commerce

M-Commerce has transformed online purchasing by allowing you to buy almost anything from anywhere. M-Commerce sales are rapidly increasing and will most likely skyrocket in the coming years. Although some people are concerned about the security of buying on their phone.

4. Quick Response Codes

A QR code is a barcode that can be found on paper, a product, or a billboard and can be read with a smartphone or a dedicated QR reading device. It contains a URL. So, once you’ve captured the QR code, the link could lead to anything from a website to a message or a special offer.

5. Mobile Coupons

A mobile coupon is an electronic ticket or message sent to someone’s mobile phone, typically via SMS or MMS text, that allows the person to redeem an offer or receive a discount on a product or service. This is an excellent way to increase foot traffic to your store or traffic to your website. Mobile coupons are usually well targeted because the company either knows you’d be interested in the offer or knows you’re in the area and could take advantage of it.

6. Mobile Marketing Based on Location

There are two components to this. The first is linked to the previous point about mobile coupons and being in the right place to redeem them. The second section combines two elements: apps or websites and location. Furthermore, Facebook’s ‘Check in’ and other social networks’ location finders have combined mobile and location to allow you to tell the world where you are.

7. Payments via mobile devices

Consider the following scenario: your friend wants to buy something online but is out of money, or someone owes you money. Instead of waiting for days for a cheque to clear, you can now make that payment quickly using your mobile device. This is due to the fact that by downloading an app, money can be transferred into your account instantly using the power of your mobile device. Great! There is no need to wait any longer!

8. Mobile Websites

The site is more compressed in terms of design, usability, and navigation features, allowing it to be viewed on a small screen on a mobile device. So, while you can download a BBC News app, a mobile website version must also be created in case you access the site through a search engine or another site.

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