Importance of design in social media marketing

social media marketing

Since its outset, social media is growing exponentially and has transformed the way we live our lives. According to a recent report in Statista 2020, there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021. Depending on the type of your audience, social media is a key player to interact, engage and promote your brand. Therefore, in no way should social media marketing be ignored.

While there are many elements that make social media marketing successful, design lays the foundation for good marketing. Graphic design helps bring the idea to life and transforms simple words into an effective and reliable marketing tool. Effective social media marketing gives businesses an opportunity to convert users into customers. Engaging graphic design enhances the brand identity on social media and results in increased customer and revenue. 

Graphic design in social media is a blanket category that is not restricted to imagery only but also includes color schemes and typography. These visual components constitute an effective social media post and convey your message to users. This is why it is vital to get it done by a pro because this increases the probability of likes, shares, and retweets. This automatically brings up more traffic and engagement to your brand.

Here are some key advantages of design in social media marketing;

Subject Matter Expertise:

Social media graphic design is very much similar to your website or your business card. A well-designed social media post and feed reflects professionalism and makes customers trust your company. At the end of the day, a professional knows his work better. They understand the audience, media channels, and designs much better than a novice in the field. With experts onboard, it becomes easier for you to focus on what matters the most, delivering quality products and services.

Experiments are good but they might backfire and cause damage to your brand’s image, identity, and reputation. When you partner with professionals or an agency you get an expert team of designers, writers and developers, that not only divides your workload but also reduces the probability of mistakes. 

Builds Connection:

Social media is a more personal medium, you can interact better with your audience. You can upload updates about your business and engage with your users on social media. This will help you gain new customers and establish a good relationship with your audience. An attractive social media post with just the right amount of graphic design can get your brand the virality you need to reach a pedestal.

Unique and quality design can be the difference between building connections with your users and confusing them about your brand. The social media platforms also provide myriad filters and elements to enhance the graphics. This is done to cater to the needs of the people and therefore, graphic design is a vital factor to consider for social media posts. 

Upsurges Brand Recognition:

Uniformity in graphic design places your brand in your customer’s subconscious mind and they might make buying decisions based on it. This process can generate more conversions and boost sales. You need to ensure that the imagery or other design elements used should make the viewer stay and follow your stories and posts.

The images and graphics should be in alignment with the brand’s mood and tone. Your social media feed should complement or reflect your brand’s image. Therefore, hiring a professional or an agency is a wise option. 

Understanding the social media design concept can be tricky, and risking the quality of your design might result in losing potential customers. Fortunately, Tentackles Strategic Design is a top-ranked UX/UI design agency tailored to ensure you excel in the industry and outperform your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our services.