Impact Of Social Media on Youth

Impact Of Social Media

Social media is a platform that focuses on human interaction, communication, content sharing, and multiple collaboration. It also involves community-based input. It is used to stay in touch with friends and family and also for work purposes. The major uprising of social media these days is promoting brands. In this way, specific products can be made easily accessible to the public. Subscribe to various spectrum bundle deals that can be used to surf social media. Even though this, medium people are connecting from different parts of the world simultaneously. Big brands are using it for promotional campaigns as it has a better reach than most other forms of media. Social media has impacted our lives so much that it is hard to imagine a life without these social media apps. It can be used positively and negatively. You can also subscribe to spectrum packages to use social apps swiftly.


Social media is playing a very impactful role in our lives. In recent times everything is led by a single touch. People are connecting to social media networking sites. Social media networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have users all across the world. The usage of social media is increasing day by day. Almost over 3.6 billion people have access to social media networking sites; although there is a projection of 4.41 billion, consider to be increased by 2025. Social media is the biggest platform of communication and connection from all over the world. Social media has multiple advantages, such as connecting people far from a distance in nanoseconds by sharing information, pictures, graphics, and various texts at a single time. A significant audience is built that enhances the broadness of social media. It is very easy to use and provides a form of education as well. It can be very helpful in solving daily life issues. Social media networks involve fun activities and allow people to find of their kind with similar interests. Social media is very accommodating in investigating reports, the building of brands on big and small scales. Job opportunities for the unemployed & employed quick access to the news and organizing multiple events very swiftly. It can be beneficial for people to collect donations, funding, and promotions for a specific cause. During the global pandemic of COVID-19, social media usage has been doubled because most of the activities involving online classes, shopping, medical guidance, offices, and meetings were taking place online.


Despite having the positive aspects of social media usage, it has negative aspects as well. Social media has a lot of challenges that need to be considered as well. Mental health issues are a result of addiction to social media. People can face issues like sleep disturbances, problems with weight, and social isolation that end up behaving antisocial, stressed, etc. The usage is increased so much that it leads to a psychological impact on the user leading to burnouts, comparisons in socio-economic class, physical features, and status. People spend time thinking of what could have been and what could have been not. They feel neglected and downgraded if their environment is not positive and influencing them in a bad way. People are hiding behind filters, masks, and bubbles, which lead to multiple consequences, like disinformation and polarization. Through this false information can easily be spread, and it can deceive others. Social media is a threat to the identity and security of a person as well. Privacy policies can fail to work sometimes and lead to security risks. The perpetrator can threaten or blackmail through social media. It is the main source of cybercrime and cyberbullying. Social media shares offensive posts, and memes, content that is harmful to the users. It is also a platform for hate racial discrimination. Many people follow social media and the information it spreads because of the peer pressure in society. It is a time-eater, social media also reduces productivity at workplaces, and loss of interest in studies negatively affects the grades put space because of immense social interaction. Social media have many advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on the user that he or she will look at the positive aspect or negative ones.


Everything has certain positive and negative aspects. It is totally on us how we use it. One should always oversee the positives in little things. Today there is so much going on in the world if the youth can connect to social apps as a source of solace, then the real purpose of it can be achieved.