Why Images Are Key-components For Digital Marketing

Key components Images

Yes, images are the components that play an essential role in digital marketing. They assist you to get more views on your content. Experts claim that marketing content with image receives an incredible increase in views of 94 percent. 

Also, remember that by default mostly images come in JPG or JPEG, but for your digital marketing, you should have to aim for PNG image type. PNG is well-known lossless compression file format, which makes it best choice for marketing. If you have JPG images, it’s best choice to turn it into PNG image format. To do so, right now, make a use of an online JPG to PNG converter that specifically functioned to convert JPG image to PNG file quickly. 

Well, give a read to this informative context and find out why images in your marketing strategy are so crucial!

Images Are Easy to Identify:

In fact, being human, we all love to looking at images. There’s no doubt that our brains are functioned to perceive the world visually, and even we carve constant visual input. Images are highly attractive to us since humans devote more of their brain’s process power to vision than to any other parameter. So, consider PNG format instead of JPG as PNG supports transparency for user attractiveness. Now, for better outcomes, you should turn your default JPG/JPEG image into PNG. You just have to upload your JPG into JPG to PNG converter online that quickly turn JPG into PNG without losing the quality of image.

Users understand them intuitively:

No doubt, as humans, we are not only become happy by looking at images, also we are intuitively good at understanding them. Experts revealed that users are able to feel the sense of a visual block in an astonishing 1/10 of a second as compared to the gist out of any text we read. So for outstanding images for your site, ask your designer to make an image in PNG format instead of JPG, if you already designed JPG, then its time to stick with online JPG to PNG converter that change JPG to PNG format without distorting the quality of image.

Well, when it comes to promoting your brand online, it is crucial to pair your content with visuals that will assist your viewers to get a feel for what you are going to promote. Remember that search engines favor content that packed with images and even they show outcomes, which consist heavy files first. Choosing accurate image format will reward you, always pick image for marketing and say goodbye to JPG images. PNG raster image files offer a universe of shades and hues along with a higher resolution via lossless data compression. If already you attached JPG on WEB, then use JPG to PNG converter by theonlineconverter that helps you in converting JPG image to PNG image file in instant. 

Images Are Memorable:

Yes, images are always stay in our heads, thus they’re easy to understand and able to evoke emotions. Well, the patent reason to pairing images to your content is that user’s ability to remember the information after 3 days goes-up from 10 percent in the case of text and around 65 percent when the content is paired with an image. 

So, using an appealing image not only make your content more memorable, easy to identify, attention-grabbing, but even also becomes more surprising – since images are the thing that remain memorable over time, users will use their memory and find your content again when navigating through search results. Right now, account with right image format such as PNG rather than JPG: as PNG image file retains its high-quality even if compressed, and works best for both complicated as well as simple images. If quality is your first choice, then you should turn JPG into PNG file with online JPG to PNG converter.

Images Create Engagement:

Apart from all major impacts that we mentioned-above, images have one more superpower! Digital marketers depicted that image increase engagement. Users are not only wanting to look at images, even also they prefer to share them and even then, they want to see more of them. And, the thing to remember is that content with images will retain up-to 40 percent more shares than content without pictures. So choose image format wisely for better results, choose PNG’s over JPEG or JPGs as there is no loss in quality even PNG images are saved and opened repeatedly. Also, PNG Images are best for handling detailed and high-quality images. Well, if you’re seeking for the instant way to convert JPG image to PNG image, then an online JPG to PNG converter is best choice.


Images are key-components to represent your brand and even clearly ensures that it stands out legitimately against its competitors. Well, in order to be successful, the images that you create or choose need to be consistent along with the message that you send across throughout your channels.