3 Steps How You Can Make Google Web Stories Successfully

Google is known to come up with new features and tools that allow its users to amp up their marketing, reach and presence online. From its Analytics to Keyword analysis, there is always an easy way for website users, all because of Google and its multitude of features.

One particular feature, and relatively new is the Google Web Stories. Web Stories allow website users to create small digestible forms of content in the form of stores.

In this social media world almost everyone knows what  stories are, therefore, not only is this feature user friendly, but it also allows marketers and website users to expand their market and grow an online presence.
In this article, let’s discuss three steps on how you can make Google Web Stories successfully.

#1- Decide your webstory topic

Since the entire process of making good webstries is intense and time consuming, you must have a clear idea about the topic on which you wish to create web stories.

Web stories can be about anything, blog content, news updates, products on your website for sale, anything, so, you should carefully choose the content you wish to include in your web stories.

This feature by Google will give you a good nudge in the right direction, therefore knowing the right topic is a must.

#2- Design creatives

The next step towards creating web stories successfully is making unique, fresh creatives and artwork for your web story.

A fresh outlook and creativity will always attract more viewers, therefore, you must think out of the box and do something none of your competitors have done. Create artwork and creatives in the form of graphs, illustrations, in a way, whatever suits your niche and is a reflection of the content used.

Designing creatives may make all the difference and make you content more engaging. It is a fact that visuals are more alluring, therefore you can use this to your benefit.

#3- Harmonise content and artwork

Taking the last step further, it doesn’t matter if you have the best possible content, quality and quantity wise. It won’t matter if you have the most unique and fresh approach towards the creatives you’ve made. It won’t matter because unless both the content and the images are in harmony with each other, your stories won’t make sense.

For example, if you’re trying to get across 10 Fantasy Novels every reader must read and you add creatives that don’t match, people won’t find your web stories engaging and this will in return decrease your credibility.

Therefore, don’t forget to harmonise your content and artwork.

In conclusion

In this article we discussed 3 steps how you can make Google web stories successfully for your platform. These web stories, although a relatively new feature, allow you to create an online presence and will give you the push you need to succeed.

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