SEO Friendly Content – Write For People But Optimize For The Search Engines

SEO Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content! To rank on Google, there are different metrics responsible and one of them is Writing SEO Friendly Content. Anyone can write a blog or article, but it takes technique to write SEO-optimized content. 

Whether it is a blog, article, press release, or any content it serves as a web page. Thus, it is important to optimize each post with specific yet targeted keywords for the search engines. 

What Is SEO Friendly Content Writing?

To thrive in an online world, it is important to write content that is beyond suffices simple writing. Your content requires achieving two goals – engaging to the end-user and second to solve their problems.

However, the question is how to write content that meets the goals? How to develop content that ranks on the first page of Google? Moreover, that is when SEO content writing is all about. 

You can optimize the content without breaking your bank.

SEO Friendly Content is written in a way that it is responding to user queries. It should be answering your user’s queries in such a way that it helps search engines understand. Thus, this triggers the clicks on the web page, allowing the search engines to recognize the worth of the page. Additionally, the search engines will start using your web page to resolve people’s queries. Hence, this pushes the rank upward. 

Understand How Search Engine Ranking Factor Works

Following are the significant pointers that evaluate the content. Thus responsible for the ranking on the search engines.

Google’s Panda Algorithm Update prioritize the content. Whether it is a web page, blog, article, etc. it has to be relevant to the topic. The content should provide a write-up to the reader. The ranking factor includes:

  • Well-written valuable content
  • Well-researched content
  • Using the right SEO keywords
  • The content should incorporate the keywords organically
  • The images and video used should enhance the user experience
  • The content should answer the query
  • It’s good if the topic is covered thoroughly
  • Implement back-linking, site structure, and HTML best practices within your website content
  • Update your old content
  • Boost on-page SEO practices
  • Make sure that the Site Structure is inline

How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

Think before you write

A well-research topic can help you rank your content easily. Without detailed research, developing the content and publishing will land you nowhere.

Before you start, there are few things to consider:

  • SEO keywords
  • The length of the content. For example, a web page has a different tone and different length, a blog has a different word count, and so on
  • Which type of content you wish to write
  • People Also Ask – PPA is the newest strategy to write content 

Include related keyword

While researching for the keywords, there are related keywords. When properly implemented the content will show up in the relevant posts on the search engines. 

Spend time discovering the related keywords that help in creating engaging content.

Have a neat structure of your content

A messy, crammed page is a no-no for Google. The page that does not appear nice in terms of look and content will not rank on the search engines. 

Thus, you must have structured content. It looks neat and readable. For example, it should have 

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion 

Interlinking is a good practice

If you have developed content in the past on the relevant topics, do not forget to link it to your present content.

It will make your new content look fresh and the past one more potent highlighting an authority on the topic.

Interlinking is a good practice in Google’s eye. It plays a vital role in skyrocketing your rankings. This further navigates huge traffic to your website. Thus, enhancing your website search ranking on Google.

Interlinking practice helps in managing the content along with distinguishing the content of your website. 

Create engaging and optimized headlines and sub-headlines

Optimizing headlines with appropriate keywords and categorizing in H1, H2 H3 makes your writing readable. Therefore, it makes it easy for your readers to read.

Furthermore, the search engine robots will crawl to your website and identify the headline to understand the content. 

Your content must have headers and sub-headers accommodating the SEO keywords to rank well on the search engines. 

Length of the content

Earlier it was a number game.  The more you publish the content the more traffic you used to get. It is not the same now. 

Initially, a 1500+ word content is used to get more visibility compared to smaller posts. However, with the Panda Algorithm Update, this practice has changed. It’s not that there are no more 1500+ words of content allowed to publish but, only the relevant content.

The aim is to publish content that has the best possible replies to the user’s queries. The content should try to resolve their problems in the best possible way. 

Writing short content is not the answer neither writing the long ones but only the accurate ones.

Optimizing your images

Visuals can convey better than content.

People are more likely to get attracted to visuals than plain reading. Also, the researches have concluded that users are inclined to make an immediate purchase based on the images.

Optimze the images within your content. This boosts the ranking of your page. Resize and compress the images so that they load them quickly.

Share your content as much as possible

What’s the point if you are publishing the content but not sharing ahead.

You have well-researched, SEO-rich content written and published but how people will read it. Share them on different online social media platforms so that it reaches people and further they can share it with others.

Keep adding content regularly

Last but not the least, adding content regularly will acknowledge Google that you are very much into business.

An inactive website is as good as dead. The crawlers will no more recognize the presence. Thus, it negatively impact the search rankings. Having your content published regularly is important, even more, crucial is it should be SEO optimized.


There were the days when one can boost the ranking of their online presence with few SEO tricks. Nowadays, to ahead on the Google search page require SEO Optimized Content. There are several SEO-friendly content checker tools available to which you can use to optimize the content. 

SEO Friendly Content will lead to more web traffic. Thus, it increases your search rankings organically, has more business coming to you. 

Of course, there are several factors responsible for ranking on google other than Optimized Content. However, the above-mentioned SEO content writing tips are a great help in creating SEO Optimized content for any business saving your marketing expenditure.