How to use social media wall for your Virtual Event

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It’s true that humans always adapt to new surroundings & technological advancements.

It’s this flexibility & adaptability that has kept the human race alive for thousands of years.

Whether in the face of natural catastrophes, climatical calamities, or new technological advancements, humans have kept learning, adapting, & evolving.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 can be thought of as a natural calamity that brought the world to a standstill & forced people to stay 6 ft. away from each other.

Schools were closed down, offices shut, & people were forced to work from home indefinitely.

And while most of the world’s economic side suffered from the impact of the sudden shift, the event industry bore the major brunt of the economic crunch.

With almost all physical events either canceled or indefinitely postponed, the industry leaders & workers were left staring at a blank wall.

Virtual Events, in this case, dawned upon us as the saving grace of mankind.

With ever-evolving technological solutions & new advancements, virtual event platforms provided companies & organizations around the world with a way to keep the conversations going & get events back on track.

With time, virtual event platforms advanced to include technological options like 360-degree views, 3D booths, & interactive installations like AI, AR, & VR.

These technologies helped enhance the virtual event experience for attendees and almost brought it up to the level of physical events.

Another engaging installation that helps virtual event attendees be a part of an engaging, interactive experience, is Social Wall.

Social wall is a social media aggregator tool that collects all social media mentions of your virtual event & displays those in a single feed integrated in the event.

Social Wall helps engage your audience by keeping the excitement level high throughout the event. It also helps your attendees interact with other like-minded attendees by viewing their respective social media responses.

Social walls at your virtual event help the attendees efficiently connect, engage, & collaborate with other attendees.

In this way, they can be a very useful engagement tool at your virtual event.

So how do you utilize social wall to drive organic audience engagement at your virtual event?

We tell you some tips & tricks in the blog below!

1. Enhance your event’s online visibility & presence

A social wall is the perfect way to showcase your virtual event’s carefully crafted social media strategy.

With proper planning & execution, you can efficiently utilize social wall at your event to increase its online visibility & outreach.

Wondering how to leverage social wall to dramatically cause an upward swing in your event’s attendee engagement numbers & revenues?

The key is to keep the content flowing constantly.

Share fun & creative behind-the-scenes from your virtual events, fun tidbits from your event, & short snippets of speaker discussions & interviews.

The more fun & authentic content you share with your attendees, the more engaged & excited about wanting to attend your event they will be.

When pitted against other traditional promotional campaigns & options, social wall aggregator is a much more cost-effective, quick, simple, & affordable way to increase audience attendance & engagement at your virtual event. It can also help amplify your event’s reach & online presence in popular social media circles where your audience is more likely to spend their time.

2. Help foster effective communication & collaboration between your attendees

A social wall is an effective way to promote community building & audience communication at your virtual event.

By deploying a dynamically updated & well-curated social wall at your virtual event, you incentivize your attendees to communicate & collaborate with each other.

It helps turn your virtual event into a hotbed for efficient audience interaction & community activities, by integrating all the social media content generated during your event into a single, dynamic, attractive feed for your attendees to see.

The more people talk about your virtual event, the more organic traffic you generate which leads to increased revenues & online visibility.

3. Promote your virtual event to a wider audience

Social wall proves to be a creative & fun way to promote your virtual event to a wider audience & enhancing its overall visibility & reach.

You can utilize a thoughtfully curated social wall to showcase the virtual excitement of your attendees to your target audience.

Since a social wall is more inclined to attract & engage a quality audience, you’re more likely to get good traction for your event as well as generate qualified leads through it.

Whether you utilize these leads for event promotional or post-event follow-up and conversion purposes, is totally up to you.

In this manner, a social wall also helps give your virtual event an improved online presence & organic, user-generated promotion.

4. Push a positive feedback loop among your attendees

Social walls involve your attendees engaging with the event organizers, speakers, & other attendees through dynamic & targeted tweets, posts, replies, mentions, etc.

Creating a constant supply of social media content takes a community of actively engaged & interested event attendees.

In this way, social walls can also be said to promote audience engagement & involvement in your virtual event by helping them see how their content is shaping up the virtual event.

By dynamically updating your social wall by integrating user-generated event content in it, you give your attendees the opportunity to engage with the event themselves.

By helping your attendees visualize their input in the virtual event, you can generate a positive feedback loop among your attendees. This empowers other attendees to also begin engaging with the event through their social media channels.

5. Boost sponsorship opportunities through dynamic audience engagement & participation

You can leverage your social wall to boost sponsorship opportunities for your virtual event. By curating a well-designed & popular social wall, you can auction off a certain amount of online exposure at adequate prices for your sponsors.

This helps you pitch to your choice of sponsors by offering them a chance to enhance their social media presence & visibility through a prominent spot in your social wall.

In this way, you can utilize social wall in your virtual event to help drive your sponsorship benefits & deals.

By integrating sponsored social media into your social wall feed, you practically upscale your event’s revenue opportunities & dramatically increase your event ROI.

As you can clearly see, implementing a well-designed & thoughtfully curated social wall in your virtual event has a ton of benefits.

They guarantee organic online visibility & presence to your virtual event, help drive audience engagement & interaction, & also provide you with enhanced sponsorship opportunities.

In these times of creative, immersive, & highly engaging virtual events, setting your event apart from the others is a must to ensure its success. By installing & leveraging an adequately designed & implemented social wall at your next virtual/hybrid event, you can easily begin churning out new & improved sponsorship, branding, & marketing opportunities.