How to use Instagram for business

instagram for business

In the modern era of social media any social media platform can be used for earning and doing businesses successfully. Instagram is one of the most widely used applications which is popular among people around the world. Let’s cover how to use Instagram for business.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can use Instagram for business and gain lots of profit in a short period of time. You just need to use it correctly then see the magic any time soon.

Here are some important measures you can take into account to be successful in your business by using Instagram. 


  • Create a business account on Instagram, link to Facebook page.
  • Know your audience
  • Utilize social media metrics to keep tabs on your online business.
  • Write a suitable bio for your account. Keep your photo as a display picture.
  • Share stories and highlights on your account.
  • Create high quality content.
  • Edit before posting.
  • Engage with the audience through comments and mentioned comments.
  • Use hashtags on posts.
  • Add attractive captions.
  • Collaborate with influence.
  • Maintain consistency.

1. Create a business account:

You can create an Instagram account from any device whether it is android, IOS or windows doesn’t matter.

Put your email address while creating an account then link it to your Facebook page. It will be easy for you to reach out to more people at a time.

If you already have an account on Instagram, then simply turn into a business account by following simple steps.

2. Know your audience:

To use Instagram for business you need to identify your audience first. Analyze the behavior of your followers. Observe what type of contents they are consuming.

Based on the nature of your business you can easily detect your target audience and create content according to them.

In this way more people will be engaged with your contents and share with other people so that ultimately your business will be expanded. 

3.Keep tabs on social media metrics:

Social media metrics consist of some important parameters to help you track your improvements in your business. You can have close tabs on your investment in social media and how much you are gaining from it.

By keeping tabs on reach, impressions, engagement rate, amplification rate, video view and customer satisfaction score will help you regulate your account perfectly.

You will be aware of your actions and take right decisions regarding your contents.  There are some analytics tools available such as ‘meta business suite’ and ‘Hootsuite analytics’ that would be perfect to track your social media metrics.

4. Optimize your account for business:

To use Instagram for business you need to optimize your account and make it suitable for business. 

Good bio:

Write your bio under 150 characters max. Keep it simple, on point and add fitting emoji to it. Add CTA (Call to action) and give readers reasons to click on it.

Perfect DP:

People usually put their company logo as a display picture. You should not do that. Keep your picture as your DP so that people can connect with you and you will gain customer loyalty.

Link and contact info:

In contact info you can add phone number, email address, whats app number so that people do business by using calls, texts or emails. You can share one link in the bio which leads you to your website directly.

Story and highlights:

always put stories and highlights of receipts, FAQs and tips to show your popularity to draw more customers. 

5. Contents with high quality:

In Instagram contents can be shared in the form of carousels, IGTV, reels, photos and Instagram live. Make sure that you are delivering high quality contents to your audience.

If you are posting a picture, then it should be clear, aesthetic and attractive. To make it more engaging you should use free editing tools to edit your picture before uploading it. Use Decision 168 platform to track & plan your content on the regular basis.

Add captions which are beautifully written and can draw the attention of readers and add value to your photo.

6. Maintain consistency:

Post content every day and show your audience that you are serious about the thing you are doing.

Be consistent and post regularly. Make a schedule for posting and maintain your punctuality. In this way your customers will trust in your service and make business with you further more.

7. Communicate with audience:

Direct communication with your customers can build a strong bond and help you connect with them and make them feel valuable.

Always respond to their comments and mentions so that they will trust you and buy from you.

Follow social media guidelines and troll policies while replying to your followers to maintain a healthy and positive environment.

8. Using correct hashtags on posts:

Hashtags can be proved to be valuable for growing your business online. If you use correct and relatable hashtags in your posts, then your profile can be found easily and increase your followers.

If you have a reasonable number of followers in your Instagram account, then you can create your own hashtags which are unique to your brand. 

9. Use other channels for promotion:

If you have a blog page or a Facebook page and have a good number of followers then you can promote your Instagram business account there to gain more customers.

Give them proper reasons to follow your account to engage with it for exciting offers and deals. You can use Decision 168 to scale your business

10. Collaborate with influencers;

There are so many models and influencers on Instagram who have millions of followers. They have a huge impact on their audience.

You can use it as an opportunity to promote your brand and bring more customers to your account.

By observing your customers’ accounts, you can easily choose a suitable influencer to promote your brand.

Do some investments and collaborate with an influencer. It is the most effective way to increase customers these days. 


Follow above tips and use Instagram for business and increase income to make your better and brighter.