How to use Instagram for you business?

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Instagram is a powerful Social Media platform where you can start your business quickly. It has one billion active users. Also, 25 million companies worldwide are using it as a business tool. It has a more dynamic and engaging audience. It has less competition than other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. 

It allows companies to advertise their product accessible to a targeted and interested audience instead of spending time on paid advertising. 

You can promote your business with the right marketing strategy, boost your brand and increase your sales. 

The strategy is straightforward. 

Why is Instagram for small business great? 

Instagram is excellent for small businesses in many ways. Through real Instagram followers, you can reach more new customers, advertise your product and boost your sales. People use Instagram to discover things they are interested in. It’s the fourth most downloaded app in the US. You can make money directly from Instagram. Instagram allows you to purchase now from the company. Small companies and large companies can raise brand awareness there and reach their targeted audience by posting at least one post per day. 

Now you know the importance of why Instagram is great for business. Now let’s talk about how you can use it for business. First, you need a company Instagram account for your business. 

You should create a business account because an Instagram business account can provide you with more features like insights, etc. 

Now let’s discuss how we can make a business Instagram account. But first, you have to create a personal account. 

How to create a personal Instagram account? 

The steps are pretty simple.

● Download the Instagram app. 

● Click sign up. 

● Enter your email address. It’s a good idea to use a business email. If you have a business account on Facebook, then you can log in with it too. 

● Choose a password and username. 

Now you have created a personal account. Now let’s talk about how you can convert it into a business account. 

The steps are pretty simple. 

Convert personal account into business account :

● Go to your profile and click on the three bars that appear in the top right corner. 

● Click on the settings and select switch to a business account. Also, include your contact details so your followers can connect with you. 

Congratulations, you have successfully created an Instagram business account. 

How to use Instagram for your business? 

Now you have learned how to build your profile, let’s talk about using Instagram for your business. 

1-Use Instagram stories:

Stories last only for 24 hours. It’s the best and popular feature of Instagram, which you can use as a tool for your business. You can engage your audience through this. To interact better with your audience and get their feedback or opinions, you can use stickers, polls and a sliding bar. Users spend more time watching stories. So if you have something thrilling to announce related to your product, then user accounts. Use stories to highlight and attract your audience attention, and it stays on your profile unless or until you remove it. 

2-Use hashtags:

To get noticed, use relevant hashtags. It’s a great way to help users find content on Instagram. You can create your brand hashtag too. Instagram lets you add a maximum of 30 hashtags in a single post but using more hashtags can only increase your like. It doesn’t grow your following. The people who liked you are the only ones who just saw your post and like it but not your brand’s followers. 

3-Interact with other Instagram users:

Your business needs to interact with your users. How can you interact with your users? 

The simple way is to like their post, comment on their position, mention somebody else, and directly message them. These things help you to interact with your users. And users start believing in the authenticity of your brand. 

4-Stream live videos:

Use this feature of active Instagram followers to interact with your users. It is helpful to answer the questions of your users. You can talk about your brand, show products. The video disappears after 24 hours, but if you want your video to remain on your feed, you can upload it.