February 22, 2024

How to Use a Fast-Forward Feature on TikTok? (iPhone & Android)

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TikTok is the most famous entertainment app, with over 1 billion-plus engaged users. The platform has a surprising number of features, one of which is the fast-forward feature.

The billion-user platform has countless features to create videos effortlessly. People are making use of these features to enhance their growth on TikTok. Moreover, amplify your growth on TikTok by checking out Quikgrowr to maximize your profile’s reach infinitely. Doing so, your videos will get increased engagement.

Have you ever wanted to fast-forward a TikTok video and skip to the last part? Even though TikTok videos are only a few seconds long, people still want to skip through them. Not all videos will have this fast-forward feature, for instance, sponsored ads will not have fast-forward in it. But most TikTok videos have progress bars to fast-forward or rewind easily. Now let’s discuss how to use fast-forward feature on TikTok on both iOS and Android devices:

What is a TikTok Fast-Forward Feature?

The fast-forward feature lets you peek into the climax of a TikTok video. Fast-forwarding is moving forward through a video at a pace faster than its usual playing speed. For instance, there is a difference between playing a video 2 times and 2 times faster.

How to Fast-Forward a Video While Playing?

TikTok videos have a progress bar that lets you jump into the middle of the video, although this feature is not accessible to every video. This fast-forward feature is available only on longer videos. You can also download a TikTok video and rewind or fast-forward it to your convenience. Follow the below steps to fast-forward a video while playing:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app. Also, choose a video you want to fast-forward and watch. Look for the white progress bar at the bottom of your TikTok video.

Step 2: There will be a dot on the white progress bar with a white line which can be moved backward or forward by clicking and dragging it along. Also, the revised location will be reflected above the progress bar as the timecode figure.

Step 3: Use your finger to touch the white dot and move it backward or forward to the part where you want to skip your TikTok video.

Step 4: Let go of the dot to watch the forwarded part of the video.

How to Film Fast Motion TikTok Video Using iPhone and Android?

A fast-motion video needed to be recorded with a maximum speed between every frame in order to get a fast playback speed. Videos with high speed will have an impact on audiences hypnotically.

So create videos with an appropriate speed that will make your audiences stay and watch them until the very end. That will elevate your content’s exposure. Along with that, if you buy real tiktok likes to your content, then you will get infinite engagement effortlessly. Now let’s see how to record a fast motion video on TikTok for Android devices:

Steps to Record a Fast Motion TikTok Video on Android

Step 1: After opening the TikTok application, your FYP will appear. Touch the create ‘+’ symbol, and you will go to the ‘Add New’ section.

Step 2: Enable the speed control while adding a new option. To modify the speed, you can utilize the Speed Control option that is located in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Step 3: The following step is to decide a video’s frame range. There will be a rectangular bar that allows you to choose the speed. Now, you can click the required speed rate.

Step 4: You may start filming your video after choosing the required time frame. You may also achieve this by clicking and holding the red color recording button.

Step 5: And the next step is to click the red color checkmark button on the bottom right side. If you have completed filming the video, you will find a tick mark.

Step 6: Hit the tick mark. Now from here, you can apply different filters and effects. Then, click Next.

Step 7: A screen will appear after clicking the next option. On this page, you will see the Post button and click it to share your video with your followers.

Steps to Record Fast Motion TikTok Video on iPhone

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application. Click the + symbol below the screen with which you can start creating or filming your new video.

Step 2: At the right side of the screen, there will be some icons with different recording options. Choose the option Speed.

Step 3: Choose the ideal recording speed at which you would like to capture your TikTok video. If you want your video to be fast enough, you can choose speed limits like 2X or 3X. Now film your video by clicking the red button on the screen.

TikTok audiences have different tastes in watching videos. Some would like to keep it real and watch videos at their original pace. While others prefer to watch videos at a fast pace. So as a creator, it is in your hands to create videos your audiences would like to engage in. Also, if you want instant recognition for your videos, try out Quikgrowr and maximize your content growth. Thus your TikTok videos will be seen by more audiences.

How to Include Fast Motion Effect to a Posted TikTok Video?

TikTok provides a seamless number of different features that makes it the most engaging social media platform available today. Below, you will see how to add a fast motion effect to an uploaded video on TikTok:

Step 1: Create a new video by opening the TikTok application and tapping the + icon below the home screen.

Step 2: Before clicking the red color record button, ensure to have the Speed symbol on the right side of the display. Now you may change the video’s speed to 3 times faster than it would generally be.

Step 3: After you have made the necessary changes, hit the red color button to start filming your video. After that, you need not have to do anything else because your video will now automatically speed up.

Wrapping It Up

You can optimize the watching experience on TikTok using the fast-forward and rewind features. TikTok has endless visual effects and features, from duets to green screen effects. Fast-forwarding is one of the features which you might have seen in many social media apps, including TikTok.

Make use of the above post to understand how to use the fast-forward feature on TikTok for both iPhone and Android. Use this feature to fast-forward and watch your favorite TikTok videos.