2021 Update on How to Use AI in SEO

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

With the faster advancement of machine learning technologies for the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has added a new way to the world of digital marketing. One common mistake is people think AI is one of the sci-fi terms that is associated with the distant future. But the truth is the branches of AI have become common among digital marketers.

Wondering how to use Artificial Intelligence in SEO? Keep reading the whole to know about one of the most important components of search engine algorithms and to improve your SEO results with AI.

AI in Text and Voice Search

Search engines like google and Alexa depend on AI to generate results for your search queries. Machine learning, sophisticated AI, and deep learning while process searches are used by your favorite search engines to predict the relevant results of any search given.

If you’re an SEO expert, you’d know that the search engines never reveal how their AI system works while updating their algorithm. Instead, they give some clues. Right? What does it mean? You care about AI or not, it has a powerful impact on your content rankings. Also, for reading and categorizing the contents of your website.

On the other hand, voice search and AI are in a strong relationship. AI technologies help voice search in natural language generation and in processing to function. Remember- VSEO has become one of the important aspects of SEO that one can’t ignore anymore.

Local Search Results

You may have used geolocation-based apps like Google Maps to find local destinations. Also, using voice search, you may have asked for “near me” queries tied to google maps results. Right? Well, this is where AI is being used to accurately business show-ups in real-time.

Content Creation

You would like to hit the mark by creating content to dominate the SERPs. Right? But how? AI can help you. Using AI keyword tools can help you know what content should you create to satisfy user intent.

Remember- content is not something that ranks but something that users find helpful for their queries. And that’s what AI can help to do.

Content Optimization, Keyword Research, and Topic Discovery

Finding out the keywords or phrases is the half task of content optimization. AI tools are there to help you out. Artificial intelligence is being used in finding large sets of data with search volume.

Billions of blogs are there on the internet and millions of new are being added every single day. You may wonder knowing that over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google each day where 15% of them are new searches.

So how can you target your audience? Well, AI tools help optimize content, website audits, and fix duplicate contents considering a wide array of aspects. As an example, Grammarly is an AI tool that can detect your grammar and typing issues and help you fix them. Also, other keyword tools like keywords everywhere help you analyze keyword data to create a more optimized content strategy and to rank higher for specific keywords.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is one of the crucial elements of SEO as Google and other search engines give user experience a bigger priority. In 2021, page experience (set of signals to measure user satisfaction while browsing on a web page) has become one of the significant ranking factors.

Search engines give priority in the ranking to those pages that have a positive user experience and the pages with negative user experience won’t rank. So how can AI help you here?

Well, like human users, AI can determine if your page has a positive UX or not. So, make sure your pages load fast, pages with the right structure, authoritative and relevant content, easy navigation pages, and your website is mobile-friendly.

When the users will enjoy a personalized experience, share your content, and dwell for a longer period means that your content deserves a higher rank on SERPs. You can get recommendations on what to do to better your website experience and to please the SEO gods.

So, the future of SEO lies in just two words- Artificial intelligence. Create a robust SEO strategy and build a loyal audience by using AI in SEO for every business. Feeling hesitant about where to start? No fear! Look for a professional SEO service out to get helped!