LinkedIn stories – How to take advantage of LinkedIn’s new content type in 2021

linkedIn stories

LinkedIn is an excellent network for building a brand and establishing yourself as an influential thought leader in a niche market. LinkedIn presents a perfect chance to develop your network, build an industry reputation, and stay in touch with new customers, employers, and employees. However, to expand the platform’s advantages, you must understand how the platform works, produce the best response, and use the different tools whenever possible.

What is LinkedIn, and why should you be there?

LinkedIn is Facebook’s cousin. You can also talk about, share, forward, respond to, and reply to other people’s posts. Instagram is all about graphics, so LinkedIn is all about contacts. Like Facebook, you can run business pages on LinkedIn to connect with your prospects. For advertisers, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and corporate visionaries, LinkedIn is a paradise for everyone.

Today the family has millions of members worldwide who help each other, support each other and work to achieve their goals. But, there is a point where LinkedIn can be distinguished from different online media. It is a perfect organic touch. LinkedIn provides incredible natural reach in a limited time. Even without ads, it could be trendy.

Articles, texts, and graphics posted on LinkedIn every day have much content. LinkedIn’s algorithm is aiming to make news feeds more appealing and user-friendly. If you know the algorithm, LinkedIn marketing is not a big deal. Understanding LinkedIn is important, but there are some Social Media Marketing Skills you Need Right Now.

Things to do on LinkedIn in 2021

This part will explore what you should do to impact LinkedIn significantly. Following these tips will allow you to build a stronger position on LinkedIn in 2021 gradually.

Choose the right format.

When posting content on LinkedIn, you need to choose the format you want to use. That may be more complicated than usual because LinkedIn offers are different from other social platforms. Such as, company profiles and pages cannot contain the same post options.

When posting from a Business Page to advertise your content on LinkedIn, you have three main options. You can create a traditional link post, document post, or image post.

            •           Link post

            •           Image post

            •           Document post

You can also use LinkedIn’s Articles feature If you are posting from your profile. The format of the article is similar to a blog post format. It will be longer than the message that accompanies the article, including links, images, and documents, but it will be more restricted than the scope of digital publications.

Concisely, the best post format for you depends on why you choose to advertise your content on LinkedIn. For example, posting articles and images can support you find new followers on your platform and increase your audience. However, you can link your posts to digital publications to reach and acquire potential customers more effectively.

Post regularly but not too much

LinkedIn is essential to maintain a consistent posting process, but too many posts can destroy your existence. According to research on Onalytica, influencers who post more than 50 times on LinkedIn each month have an average of 26 engagements per post, and influencers who post 30-50 times a month have an average of 56 meetings. If you post less than 30 times, you can see more engagement on average.

We suggest posting at least 2-3 times per week and no more than 30 posts per month to get the best engagement. It is crucial to post on your way to work and try to post in the morning. You can then review these posts later that day/night to respond to comments and increase engagement.

Use the LinkedIn Publisher Tool

There is no doubt that LinkedIn will publish the post through a publishing tool and finally publish it on LinkedIn Pulse and is also mixed with the web page feed. The user can post as an individual author (the company name is not hidden). You or your employees can publish your blog posts via Publisher and share them with the link.

The LinkedIn editor explained that the Publisher’s posts would show up in the feed based on the contact and follower time. Therefore, please follow the tips below to circle your posts using the LinkedIn algorithm.

Content Scheduling

Content planning is one of the essential things here because time is everything. You have to publish the right content at the proper time. You can use LinkedIn management tools (such as Social Champ) to keep your profiles maintained. These tools not only save your time but also give you the best ideas and analytics. To become a LinkedIn marketing professional, you need to use these tools professionally. Social media publishing tools can help you take the proper steps and increase your publishing investment.

Tag influencers and employees

When you tag other users in a LinkedIn post, they will receive mention notifications, encouraging them to participate. You do not need to link directly with the people you marked, and you can also mark people with a second degree. However, it is essential to only tag people related to the post; otherwise, it may be considered spam. Have a strategy when you tag someone and do not mention the same person over and over again. Not tagging numerous people in a post with a long list of names looks a bit trash.

Optimize Your Content for Engagement

You need to optimize the engagement and quality of the content you post on LinkedIn. It may contain funny jokes and puns that make the viewer laugh. Use relevant industry or company statistics to create helpful career-related posts. Keep it short and include links, images, or videos and use hashtags. Your post can be a popular post with a particular hashtag.

Optimize your content based on Analytics

To access the analysis of shared posts, click the “Me” icon at the top of the LinkedIn home page. Under ‘Manage’, click’ Posts and Activity. Here you can see all the latest posts and an analysis icon below each post. Here you can find real-time data about the posts you want to share. It helps you better understand your viewers and understand which posts perform well than others.

With these visions as a weapon, you can better understand whether posts can be optimized to reach the right people. Pay attention to which posts are most effective and consider why they are effective and what you can copy. Is it because you utilized hashtags or because you tagged influencers? Is that specific topic touching people? Once you know why you can copy and test your post style to see if it improves your engagement or not.


As we move from the COVID-19 pandemic to a new period of economic restructuring, LinkedIn continues to develop and has the potential to become an increasingly influential platform. It offers new opportunities: People who are now starting to create influence on the platform will take advantage of this opportunity and maximize their ability on the platform.

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