How to Start An Online Marketing Business – Intro for Small Business

how to start an online marketing business

Digital marketing is the advertising of products through digital media. It is totally different from traditional marketing. There are number of points which make it clear that Digital Marketing is totally overtaking the traditional one.

Digital marketing tools actually allow us to use digital marketing at all. From a post on what digital marketing is and what works best in digital marketing , we can conclude that for effective digital marketing, we need the pathways by which users (who are our target customers) will come to our website.

In short before to start with how to start an online marketing business, we need tools that help us, give insight into what is happening and with which we can better analyze target groups and events, tools with which we can better, more accurately reach users, obtain data from them, which we then design into such form to tell us something.

Measure> analyze> improve> repeat

Digital marketing has 2 important advantages over other ways of advertising and marketing. Orientation and measurability.

Digital marketing is aimed precisely at those users who are your target customers based on certain criteria. 

Eg. Everyone searching for your products on Google.

Digital marketing is measurable. With the help of web analytics tools, we can monitor the success of approaches and campaigns and, based on the results, change them and make them more effective.

Digital marketing therefore works. While reading sources on digital marketing and looking for concepts for digital marketing, I was probably not the only one to come across suggestions that work for large companies and markets, but are completely unsuitable, expensive and inefficient for smaller markets and companies.

Almost all the debates we have with colleagues about such and other online business opportunities end at one point. 

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The digital marketing of the big ones is not suitable for the smaller ones

Establishing digital marketing campaigns, customizing or creating websites, preparing content,… are a necessary investment, an infrastructure that a company needs in order to direct users to whom it addresses digital marketing campaigns. Thus, a Slovenian company that addresses e.g. 100,000 potential customers (which is a high number for most), almost the same initial investment / requirements as a foreign company that addresses 10,000,000 potential customers with the same investment. Most of the methods recommended by large foreign advertisers therefore do not work in Slovenia or. does not recover. It is also pointless to use practices and certain tools that otherwise prove effective in larger markets.

Digital marketing tools

In addition, most of the tools we need for digital marketing ( email marketing tools , CRM systems ,…) are designed for foreign markets, which makes the use of these tools cheaper if you manage a larger amount of data. Take Mail chimp, one of the most popular email marketing tools, you will pay € 50 per month (€ 0.01 / user) for a base of 5,000 users, while you will only pay € 240 for the use of 50,000 email addresses. € per month (0.0048 € / user).

If we only needed Mail chimp for digital marketing, that wouldn’t be a problem. You need at least 10 of them at the same time, but they’re all only partially functional, as you probably have target groups for product segments too low for the last 30 days to segment your advertising and remarketing campaigns based on what users have viewed on your site.

Digital marketing should be thoughtful and investments restrained

In this respect, great recipes for digital marketing do not pay off the most in our country. A different approach is needed. More efficient, more focused and less wasteful. At the same time, it should be borne in mind at the outset that certain functions cannot even be used and therefore digital marketing should be set more modestly.

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