Free Ways To Resolve Outlook Error 0x80040115

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Are you trying to resolve Outlook Error 0x80040115? Do you want to fix it quickly? Then you have clicked on the right and accurate page. Here, you get to know all about the error in detail, its reasons, and its solutions.

Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80040115

The Outlook Error message 0x80040115 is collected by many users while sharing emails through Outlook. It is a common phenomenon among users, they get the error message in the middle of sending or receiving the emails. It mainly states that:

Error code 0x80040115:  Microsoft Exchange Server connection is unavailable. Outlook required to connect to complete this action”

So, it makes the user disable to share their emails in Outlook. This error usually happens due to an oversized PST file or if there is corruption in installation. In this blog, you will know the reasons and different ways by which one can easily resolve Outlook error code 0x80040115. Now, let’s start with the reasons first.

Viable Reasons for the Outlook Error 0x80040115:

There are some of the factors that influence the corruption of PST files that later create error 0x80040115 are written below. Therefore, users are advised to read it carefully so that they cannot face this error again in the future.

  • Due to large or Oversized PST file.
  • Due to an inappropriate way of installation of Outlook application on Windows 7.
  • Some problems in the email server.
  • Due to any dispute in the internal system.
  • Due to virus or malware infection.
  • Or due to internet connection issues.

What are the indications of Error 0x80040115 in Outlook?

The indications that confirm or verify the phenomenon of Outlook error code 0x80040115.

  • Frequent freezing or hanging of the system.
  • Slow-moving system performance.
  • Getting random pop-up of error message “Outlook error 0x80040115”.

Manual Procedures to Resolve Outlook Error 0x80040115:

Method 1. Try To Use The Flush DNS Records

  • Firstly, press or thumb on the Windows key and type the cmd.
  • Next, right-tap on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.
  • Then, type the following command and tap enter to operate in the Command Prompt: ipconfig /flushDNS.
  • Now, close the Command Prompt and inspect for the improvements.

Sometimes, it is seen that this error occurs because of the DNS configuration error. This approach helps those users in resolving this error.

Method 2: Use Inbox Repair Utility

  • First, download the Inbox Repair Utility(ScanPST.exe).
  • Then, install the program and hit on the Scan button.
  • Next, once the scanning process is done then tap on the Fix Errors button.
  • In the end, restart the computer.

This approach also helps the users to fix the Outlook error. But again, it also has some restrictions due to which it fails numerous times while fixing this error.

Method 3. Alter the profile security settings

  • First, press or thumb on the Windows key and type control.
  • Tap on the Control Panel.
  • Find or locate for Mail in the Control Panel.
  • Now, tap on Mail ( Microsoft Outlook 2016) (32-bit) option.
  • Tap the Show Profiles button in the Mail Setup window.
  • Then, choose the profile and tap the Properties button.
  • Next, tap on the Email Accounts button.
  • Choose the email account and tap on the Change button.
  • Tap on the More Settings button.
  • Then, open the Security tab.
  • Ensure that the Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange is inspected or examined.
  • Tap OK to store the changes.
  • Finally, restart the Outlook client and examine for improvements.

The error 0x80040115 in Outlook makes the sharing i.e. sending and receiving emails. These were the manual approaches that are written above. Users can use any of the following approaches to fix the errors. These are very effective tools to fix the error. If it is unable to perform then it means that there is any corrupt or damaged PST file. So it is necessary to fix the corrupt PST files first so that they can fix the error. To fix this, users can use the third-party tool.

Users can use PST Recovery that will reinstall the maximum content from the user’s damaged or corrupt PST files. The utility has no file size limitations for PST recovery.

This blog will be useful to both novice and technical users who want to resolve their Outlook Error 0x80040115. Users can use manual solutions to resolve errors. In case, if users have to fix corrupt PST files first before resolving the error then they can prefer the alternative solution that will easily fix corrupt or damaged PST files.