How To Promote Using Interlinking Seo Techniques

Interlinking Seo Techniques

Interlinking Seo Techniques

Most sites ignore interlinking on the websites prioritising other methods of optimisation.

You must know that these internal links have are powerful impact on the improvisation of keyword rankings of web pages. Using interlinking SEO techniques plays a significant role in your content’s performance on search engines.

What is interlinking

When you use any link on a page that redirects to your website or another page or website, the process is termed interlinking.

Links are used to search for your website’s content by the users as well as search engines. Internal linking eases the process of navigation.

Interlinking is an intrinsic part of on-site optimisation. If done incorrectly, it can bring your SERPs down too.

So now let’s go through the suitable ways of interlinking that help in getting the best SEO results.

● Creating lots of content

To use lots of interlinking, you must have lots of internal pages or content. When you have excellent content, and marketing strategy, you are more than halfway to having an awesome interlinking strategy. These are strongly interlinked.

When you have more content, you can internally link them to the relevant places.

● Using anchor texts

Your internal links must use anchor texts. Using crisp and understandable descriptions with relevant keywords, if possible, will be nice.

Highlight the anchor texts, link them and that’s it. There’s not much technicality in this step but make sure you don’t overflood the content with anchor texts unnecessarily.

● Linking deep

Deeper the link, the better it is for your website. However, there are broadly two types of links you must not use in your content:

  • Avoid using too many links on the homepage. Try to strengthen the internal pages through interlinking because they will result in increasing your site’s overall SEO.
  •   Linking the Contact Us page with an anchor having a CTA (call to action) is not recommendable. Don’t do this unless it is really necessary.

So generally you should not link the top-level pages of a site with the pages which already have a navigation menu linked with them.

The best place to use interlinking in your content marketing strategy is somewhere deep in the structure of the website.

● Using links that seem natural to the readers

Internal linking needs you to have a user-focused approach to adding information and value. Yes, it is crucial for you to use internal linking but you have to keep in mind that you provide quality and value-adding content to your readers as well.

One of the advantages of internal linking is that it enhances user engagement on your page. When a reader goes through any informative link matching the context of the content, they often click on the link. It might be any external or internal link. If internal, then the viewers stay longer on your site and have more involvement in your website’s experience.

Content links are a powerful signal to search engines and users that the content you are linking is worth a read. Readers appreciate and want that. Internal linking if done appropriately, helps the readers and the search engine optimisation (SEO).

● Using links with relevance

Make sure that you are not just randomly linking because you have to use interlinking somehow. Instead, linking content that suits the context and adds value to your viewers and SEO is recommended.

● Using follow links

Follow links provide a good means to build the interlinking structure of your content marketing strategy.

Earlier there was a strategy to nofollow the links on a page. Such types of page-rank structuring won’t work for an SEO strategy.

● Using a reasonable amount of interlinks

Don’t flood your internal content with links. Keeping links on a page to a reasonable number is Google’s advice.

Though there’s no specific number to define as a reasonable number, it is widely practised to use around three to four internal links. Links also depend on the word count of your post.

If you are writing 1000 words of content, then adding ten or more relevant internal links works. It’s just that internal linkings should be beneficial and meaningful, just filling in won’t help in the long run, even if it worked for a while.


Internal linking is a concept that many people tend to overlook. However, after going through all this you must have understood the impact it can have on your site.

There will be times you have to audit your old content to find out all the pages you can use for interlinking, the topics you may cover, the things that pretty much worked for you, and much more.

Using internal linking SEO techniques can be a bit difficult for those who aren’t in the tech world. Thus, if you hire SEO experts from well-known Content Marketing Companies in India you will be saved from getting your mind into chaos.  

Get going! Seek assistance from the experts and make your page skyrocket with these amazing interlinking SEO techniques and strategies.