With No Added Cost Get More Traffic Organically To Your Website in 2021

increase organic traffic

Your product/service is awesome. You have designed your website even better. Great! But, you are not getting traffic. No good leads and business seem to be dull. You have been trying everything you can to improve your organic search traffic but in vain. You need to figure out how to get traffic to your website so that sales start to roll in.

This blog will help you with the right pointer on How To Grow Organic Search Traffic in 2021. The tips are offered by the experts thus, incorporating them will give you guaranteed results.

Tips To Increase Organic Traffic in 2021

Identify the non-performing content

The content plays a vital role in boosting your site visibility. A non-performing content is the one that fails to achieve organic traffic as well as conversions. If it is not doing any favors it is time to remove and add fresh content.

Identify and remove the non-performing content. Keep refreshing your content thus it gives your search engine enough budget to crawl your website. This includes your webpages, blog posts, etc.

When the content is SEO optimized, written in a well-structured manner ensuring images and header, tags in line will boost your organic web traffic. It is in a better position to increase SERPs, getting more organic clicks.

The word “BOUNCE” does no good

A “bounce” happens when the user visits your website and leave without interacting with any of your pages. There can be endless reasons why the user left. What is matter is the users are leaving. Figuring out what’s wrong and why they are not making any interaction can help you fill the loopholes. Few instances include:

  • Not finding the information they are looking for
  • Complex navigation
  • The content was not easy to understand
  • The content was not interesting
  • They are not able to find the product/services on the page
  • They did not find the quote page
  • The site look cluttered
  • The website took a long to load

Hing bounce rate is a bad thing. And what’s not good for your use is not good for Google.

You need new SEO keywords

Because the old ones are not working. At times, even the strongest performing keywords develop a gap. It is natural thus you will need a relevant, fresh set of SEO keywords to do the magic.

When you are adding new features, products, and services on your web page it will require new keywords. Incorporating wisely in your content will boost the search rankings.

Keep writing NEW BLOGS

Blogging is a sure-shot way to increase your organic traffic. Keep writing on new topics and trends based on your products and services. This way Google Search will acknowledge the new posts and crawl regularly. It might take a little longer to get the spot but it’s worth doing.

Get the blog section ready on your website. It gives awesome results and builds your reputation.

But, you just can’t start blogging. If your blogs are not interesting the effort goes in vain. Thus, be creative, have SEO keywords placed, and most important writers on the topics and trends that are currently trending.

Be found on Google My Business

Google My Business is another primary reason to boost your web traffic organically. If you are doing business locally, this is a must thing to do. Furthermore, it pushes your ranking factor in local map searches.

Listing your business on Google My Business makes it easy for the locals to search and connect. Thus, give you an organic boost to your website. The more you are found locally, the better are your rankings on Google.

Build links wisely

Link building is here to stay. No matter how much webmasters speculate building link is the smartest way to boost traffic organically.

A survey suggests that 91% of the page does not get organic traffic because they do not have backlinks. Incorporating outbound and inbound links will get your webpage more visibility.

However, you must do it in the right manner to avoid penalties and account suspension.

Your CTAs are not visible

You have written a great content. The viewers are loving it and influencing them towards making a purchase. But what could be more bizarre when the CTA is not placed exactly where it was supposed to be?

Experts say, that majority of the users lose interest when they do not find the CTAs, or find they are not working properly.

Having CTA placed at the appropriate place increases 35% of the conversions. So, now you know how much business you are losing.

Incorporate VOICE SEARCH

With the increasing number of the smartphones, VOICE SEARCH is making its presence felt. Day by day people is engaging their search via voice search. VOICE SEARCH IS THE FUTURE.

Now more than half of the searches on Google are done through a voice search. So, if you haven’t started, start augmenting your web content for voice search.

Usually, Voice search queries target long-tail keywords. You have the time where businesses still have not got the grip to optimize their content based on the voice search queries. Thus, leaving you ample opportunity to get ahead in the race/

Voice search can generate massive organic traffic in the upcoming time.

Have more VIDEOS

Sorry to say but people like to watch over reading content.

Videos are super important. Whether you are running a taxi business, a salon, a grocery store, or any other. It is a kind of powerful visual content that keeps your viewers glued to your brand. Thus, keep coming back for more. Post them on social media, your website as well as have them in your blog post to make it interesting.

Videos generate more traffic, thus more engagement, leading to Conversions.

Consider mobile responsiveness

Today majority of the web traffic is coming through smartphones or hand-handled devices.

Mobile phones alone generate 58% of the web traffic. This percentage is growing too hard to ignore. People browse, shop, book tickets, do banking, buy groceries, travel using smartphone.  Thus, providing a mobile responsive experience to your users boost traffic organically.

Analyze your competitors but no COPYING

Identify your real competitors. Check their website and those elements that is keeping in top of the Google pages.

Look for their products/services, their content, images, and how they have aligned everything sync together.

Your website must have a natural flow. Connecting one page to another in a flawless manner. This way you will get to know where your website needs improvement.

Also, check their social media pages to gain more knowledge of how they are boosting their page rankings on Google.

In Conclusion

There are ways to increase traffic to your website. From social media to in-person marketing and more. There is no one size fit rule answer here. The most effective practices will depend on your consumers. Know what impresses them, attracts them, things they appreciate about your brand, and so on. Once you have learned these it will be easy to modify your organic search traffic marketing strategies for 2021.

Entrepreneurs and marketers will have to adapt according to Google’s latest algorithms. Make sure to spend time on the above-mentioned fundamentals that help to grow organic traffic in 2021.

There are a lot of things to consider when you start. However, take it slowly but be consistent with your online marketing practices.

Make the effort to grasp the concept of SEO, and content writing, and other technicalities. Soon, you will see that difference in your website rankings, with increased engagement, click-through rates, and more conversions.