How to Increase Organic Traffic

increase organic traffic

Search engine optimization is optimizing a website to increase its visibility of a website on google. It simply means to increase the visibility of your website when people search for a similar content/ related topic. 

Google search engine wants the best content to provide their users. So that google can increase its users. Google needs quality content to give its user so that the user can go on searching. The quality content can rank on top, and automatically its searches increase. Search engine optimization’s goal is to increase the organic search results. It is the process of improving the website’s configuration.

Role of SEO

The role of SEO is to improve the ranking of websites organically. Search engine optimization helps to improve the organic traffic on the website. Increasing the organic traffic; means the top ranking of the website on Google. When someone searches for something on the search engine and gets results on your page it increases the organic visitors to the website.

Search engine optimization in digital marketing is the marketing strategy that helps to reach potential customers. The role of SEO is to improve the website quality and increase the company’s exposure to reach potential customers. The SEO expert of the company implements the website’s different strategies to rank the company’s website at the top.

When a customer is searching for a specific service, your company’s page should be there on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If your company’s page is on the 70th page then the potential customers likely will not be able to find your page.

Organic Ranking

Organic ranking is the ranking that is not influenced by paid advertisements or sources. Organic ranking is important because the users trust Google so that needs to provide accuracy when somebody searches for something. 

How to Increase Organic Traffic/ Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic

There is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) best practices that would help to increase organic traffic on the websites. Organic traffic is the visitors who visit the sites through unpaid sources like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Increasing the organic traffic on the search engine is called Search Engine Optimization. When someone types the query on Google and land on your page, you are receiving organic search traffic on your website. 

  1. Regular blog posting: Regular blog posting keeps your site updated. This helps to add updated content on the website as well as helps to rank on top. 
  1. Switch to the blogosphere: Linking the link on the other answer comment box helps to increase the organic links. Quora is the best tool to use for this strategy.
  2. Write for your users: Don’t always go on writing only, understand the buyer’s need. Understanding the need and choosing a specific keyword for it becomes a fruitful return. 
  1. Increase usage of social media: Social media posting is becoming a trend nowadays. Most of the population has access the social media so it becomes easy to reach out to maximum customers.
  1. Measure the results: By using metrics measure the results so that analysis can be done. It would become easy to know, from where the visitors are coming. The keywords are the most important part of it. This helps to know which keyword is giving more results.
  1. Encourage incoming links: Encouraging incoming links is really good for the website to rank on top. Encouraging incoming links increases the number of visitors to the website. More incoming links give a higher rank to the website on google. When the content or website is good, only the other links come automatically. More links result in good SEO. But there are many spammy links which can lows the website’s SEO very badly.
  1. Linking to your own blog: You can link your content to your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; here no spam can happen. This method is safe from the spammer as your known people can visit the content. More visitors give signals to google automatically that the content is relevant.
  1. Use internal links: Creating qualitative content and linking to your own blog can increase the search number. Guiding the visitors for the relative content is useful to increase the ranking on google. These internal links are helpful to increase the ranking.


Backlinks creation is one of the Digital Marketing techniques. Backlinks are the links from one website to another. Backlinks are the links that give a signal to the search engine that the content is trustworthy. Backlinks increase the ranking position if there are high-quality backlinks. 

Characteristics of Good Backlinks

  1. Authority

A backlink that we take from strong pages makes available more authority than weak web pages. Qualitative backlinks can earn from good and reputed web pages.

  1. Relevance 

Search engine gives priority to the relevant pages which are more important to their users. Relevant pages or relevant topic gets more clicks from the user on the search engine and the search engine goes to take up the relevant topic or search.

How to increase backlinks?

  1. Earning Backlinks: These backlinks are earned through sharing quality content, word of mouth, social media, or people who want to link with your content. Earned backlinks are those which can be earned through other people on the basis of the quality of content.
  1. Creating Backlinks: Creating backlinks means when you manually create backlinks by submitting your content on the other websites. These include submission of content on other websites, commenting on the post, 
  1. Building Backlinks: In this, you reach out to the website owner, webmaster or editor and ask them to link your website. In this, you need to have clear value propositions. There some tactics to build backlinks are as follows:
  • Broken link building

In this, you can find the dead link and replace that link with your link.

  • Guest blogging

Offer to write a one-off post to another site

  • Unlink mentions

Find unlinked mentions of your site and then ask to author to make the mention clickables.

  • Skyscraper technique

Look for relevant content with lots of links, make something better, and then ask to link that original one to link, instead.

Types of backlinks

  1. No-follow Backlinks: No-follow links are those that do not have value. It doesn’t give value or visibility to your content. 
  1. Do- follow Backlinks: Dofollow links are those that improve the value of your website. This links everyone who wants to improve their ranking on the search engine. These links have high value so these links can help to rank the website on the search engine.

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Backlinks are important for ranking the page on a search engine like Google. Links’ quality and utility depend on their relevance as well as on the other attributes. Mostly relevancy is the important and main feature of the backlink as Google take up the relevant content for their users.