Free Effective Google Hacks To Improve Your Site Performance On Google Search

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How To Increase Google Ranking For Free? My website is not ranking why? This is common but, very highly searched question on Google. Every business wants to Get The Website To The Top Of Google. We all want to know How To Increase Google Ranking For Free.

Well, let’s get started. With effective SEO strategies and timeliness, it is possible to improve Google Search Rank. But, let’s understand few things first about Google Rankings.

How Long It Take To Get Top In Google Search Results?

There is no one-size-fits rule answer to this question.

The SEO practices, updating content, and ensuring everything you do to improve the visibility on Google seem to be frustrating when there are no or fewer results. Believe it, it is not just you but hundreds and thousands of webmasters, SEO professionals, Digital marketing experts are sailing in the same boat.

However, SEO and Content aren’t only responsible for your failed Google Rankings. So, back to the same question – how long it takes to rank on Google First Page?

Amongst several key takeaways to consider:

  • Pages that ranked in the top 1o Google search results were only one year old
  • Average pages that ranked in the first three results on the First Page of Google were three years old
  • Only 6% of those appeared in the top 10 results that had one keyword ranking for one year
  • About 94% of the web pages never made to the top 10 Google Rankings even in a year.

Stay Updated With Google Algorithm Changes

Whenever Google announces a major update, it is still unclear to know the exact workings. The initial information is just speculation from the Industry experts.

However, the best ways to know Google’s algorithm comes in the form of:

  • Google Penguin was announced in April 2012. It was all about the spammers and sites that used to buy links to boost Google Rankings.
  • Hummingbird was announced in August 2013 shortly. The update was aimed to understand the intent and the context behind the user’s search.
  • The pigeon was announced in July 2014. This update worked to incorporate local search results.
  • The mobile-friendly updates came in April 2015.  It was all about favoring the website with responsive designs. This set the competition apart as businesses whose websites were mobile-friendly were witnessing a sudden boost in their Page Search Rankings. Also, Google started penalizing those websites which weren’t adhering to the guidelines.
  • Mobile-first update was announced in July 2019.  Googlebot now sees the business websites as a smartphone. Thus, prioritize only those websites that work effectively on every hand-handled device. 

How To Get Website Rank High On Google Search?

  1. Your user-experience matters the most

the top four ranking factors are website visits, time on site, pages per session, and bounce rate. All four of those are directly related to the experience your website is providing your users. It’s pretty simple: If your website is easy and enjoyable to use and offers valuable information, you’ll get more visitors, who will stay longer on your site and visit more pages, and that will improve your search rank.

  • Write SEO optimized content ONLY

Removing the old content and fixing it with new SEO-optimized content can do wonders. Make sure that you perform On-Page SEO to get better visibility on Google.

When writing the content ensure that it doesn’t have spelling errors, it is talking about the topic and carries relevant pointers to it. The content has to be informative, answering your audience, resolving their queries. Also, the content is written in a specific structure so that Google recognizes it easily.

  • Get more backlinks

Backlinks from other websites to your site are responsible for ranking your site on Google. Your website content when linked with the high authority domain links can significantly increase your web traffic, search rankings, increase leads, and establishes your business in a short time.

  • Fix broken links

No one likes to see a 404 error. It puts a bad impression on your business when the users are often seeing broken link errors.

It is crucial to fix the broken links on your website to establish authority and increase website traffic. Broken links are bad news and highly affect your user experience as well as Google Search Rankings.

  • Optimizing the images

It may look like a simple task but, plays a huge role in boosting your Google Search Ranking.

Optimize all of your images present on your website with relevant keywords. You will see a significant rise in your search rankings. As Google find it easier to tap and identify the purpose of your webpage through images than reading content.

Ensure that the images are loading well or else compress them with a descriptive name along with alt text.

  • Crafting clickable meta descriptions

Meta description act as a CTA. Hence, it is responsible for increasing web traffic. Make sure that the Meta Description has unique clickable content with the right set of keywords.

  • Using H1, H2 as well as other essential header tags

Google recognizes header content quickly. Thus, make sure that your content has appropriate header tags for Google to identify. Also, it prompts Google that the content is well-structured with the Introduction, Body of the content, and headers in order.

Leverage Google Tools To Improve Google Search Rankings Of Your Website

  • Google Search Console Tools

This tool helps you enhance your site performance. It assists webmasters by offering detailed insights about your site’s performance, links that are not working, and if there are malware and bug issues.

Google Search Console is a free tool that also enables webmasters to check the indexing and visibility status on Google.

Once you submit the website sitemap through Google Search Console Tool the search engine starts relaying the detailed info on the keywords that Google has used to crawl your website.

The detail reporting helps you to figure out the right set of keywords that boosts your search ranking on Google.

  • Google Analytics

When you have a website, you will like to know how many people are visiting you. On which pages they are staying the most and which they are not visiting at all. Google Analytics is a great tool that allows the webmaster with detailed info about search results related to the web traffic.

This insight is valuable as it is shown on a real-time basis. Allowing you to improve on those loopholes and improve as per Google’s Algorithm needs.

  • Google Ads

Remember those paid campaigns, that allow you to be ahead on the top of Google Search Rankings?

Google Ads Tool will help you create your marketing campaigns using specific keywords that are related to your business. The tool provides you with detailed insights about the keywords and their performance regionally, nationally as well as Internationally. Bidding the keywords allows you to set and control your marketing campaigns. As chances are high to receive a sure shot leads for your business.

This way the tool will showcase your Ads at mentioned time of the day, location, and languages.

  • Google PageSpeed

This Google tool lets you evaluate the performance of the website pages on all digital gadgets.

The tool measures your website, using insight pointers provided by the PageSpeed Tool. You must adhere to those rules and make changes accordingly to attain a good score. The tool is beneficial to increase the user-experience thus make sure that your web pages are accordingly.

  • Google Trends

It is a significant tool that helps you figure out particular search keywords. Google Trends provides in-detailed insights on those keywords that are trending, becoming popular, and so on.

Furthermore, Google Trends Tool also shows how often the particular topic was searched across the regions and languages on Google.

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

It is a free Ad tool that most SEO professionals and digital marketing experts use for their campaigns.

This tool allows marketers to search keywords. Furthermore, one can predict the clicks as well as conversion based on how the keywords will perform in the campaigns. The tool also allows you to set long-tail and short-tail keywords.

  • Google Alerts

The tool alerts send you notifications on the searches done by you. This way you can track a particular keyword or brand that was mentioned. The tool allows you to stay updated with the latest news about the keywords without you spending time searching over it.

  • Google Tag Manager

When you are running marketing campaigns, you will need a tracker code that tracks the leads. Google Tag Manager does this enter finding the tracker code in the breeze. The tool maintains the tags for more than one website and replaces the tags automatically in other Google Tools. Thus, saving the time of inserting the tags manually.

  • Google My Business

Google My Business is an important tool that allows you to list locally. You can set up your business for free at Google My Business listing.

This is an extremely helpful tool if you are doing business locally. It pushes local searches thus, boosting your online presence locally. All you need to do is fill up the details that include your local address, direction, contact details, and business hours. Soon you will see that customers are searching for your business are sending you business inquiries.

In, Conclusion

To Get Top in Google Search Results is not an overnight process. Incorporating the above-mentioned tips that will Increase Visibility On Google. However, there are things to consider to make sure that you do not over-promote your website as Google may tag it as “Spam” and penalize it.

Once you are doing the practice of improving Google Search Ranking you will see remarkable results. Also, understand your demographics, target audiences, their preferences and expectations. Thus, this homework will help you figure out where to improve.

Once you have the info ready at your end, create great SEO-optimized Content to meet their demands, resolving their problems. So that they remain glued to your product/services forever. This way you are boosting your Search Rankings organically. Sharing stories on the social media platform, having to engage in communication, putting up real people pictures that have availed your services/ product can help build trust within your customers thus expanding your customer base.