How To Gain More Traffic From Google To Your Website?

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Today the difficulty isn’t writing a blog or generating a new website to promote your businesses online, the concern is to drive more traffic to your website, on your landing page. One of the essential ways to attract the same are search results. Search results are the answers to the questions of users. If there will be improvement in SEO ranking, it will help you to drive more Google traffic to your website. This will further let you earn new customers, viewers, promoters and other various leads.

There are various rules and methods of driving traffic to your site, blog but understanding them in a few points will be a great idea.

Learn to make links

Driving traffic from Google to grow your business is not an easy task. The website world is full of different content and various other people are also trying to do the same. If you want to earn more Google traffic then building links is what you need to do. When you will start making links, it will boost your website’s ranking and it depends on either backlinks or internal links.

If you want to improve your SEO ranking then backlinks are the key sources. They are earned from industries credible sites which will link your content on their own site and help in driving valuable traffic to your page. Once backlinks are earned, you have the authority to build a trustworthy business which later will help you to set the credibility on Google site. Your ranking will be upgraded and you can start earning potential leads.

Start creating content to grab more opportunities to earn backlinks and improve your SEO rankings.

When you’ll have strong leads, Internal links then it itwill assist you in driving more Google traffic because they will engage your pages for a longer period of time.

Generate quality content

Without creating impactful content, your site will not be able to generate ranking and it will be impossible to Drive Google traffic to your website.

When you will start creating content consistently, don’t forget to use quality keywords and focus on your audience needs because they look up on Google search engine to find the answers of their questions.

By posting regular content you are giving audiences the opportunity to visit your sites regularly because it is very important to grab the attention of the targeted audiences. But if you want to stand out of this scenario and gain regular clicks on your site, you must start researching well about your audiences, their preferences, their choices and needs, etc. and then write for them.

Get Social

Producing great quality content isn’t enough to generate a large number of traffic to your website. If you want more and more people to start knowing about your products and services, visiting your websites, purchasing then you must learn to get social to promote your content and increase traffic. For example, you can use Twitter as your social platform because you can post some tempting and Crispy links that will lead your visitors directly to your Information page i.e your website.

Start advertising

One of the best ways to attract your visitors to your website is through advertising. Once you invest in options like paid searches, display advertisements , social media advertisements etc. it will build your brand and bring your site in front of people, so that they can start approaching your company or brand for the services you promised to deliver in your information to audiences.


It can be stated that everything is interrelated, and if you have to reach the goal, you will have to go through different mediums. As here we are talking about attracting the google traffic then we have to create links, create content, go social, and need to advertise as it will boost SEO ranking and will help you in growing your business as well. If you are keen to learn more about it you can go for advanced Digital marketing training.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a Digital Marketing strategist with ten years of consulting & training experience. He has worked with major brands such as, also known as best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.