How To Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2021-22?

gain instagram followers

Growing your Instagram account organically is not easy; Nowadays Instagram is widely used not only for friends chit chat but also for increase business growth, due to its wider area network and popularity Instagram is majorly used for business purposes, most of the popular brands and personalities use Instagram only for make his more popular, users will directly connect with their favorite personalities and brands and ask any type of queries, and this is directly impacting on your followers more of the users organically connect with you and you do not need to buy followers. Instagram is the best platform where you directly connect with your audience, when the audience looks you are replying that so it will share your account with your family as well as friends, this boost your followers organically, 

Some points define you correctly is how to gain more Instagram followers organically:

1) Optimize Your Profile/Account: –

A good Instagram account need make his first impression attractive; it turns your visitors into followers, optimize your accounts looks like an easy process but the reality is it is a difficult task, it consider all the small and big things about your account, contains your user name always make your user name easy to memorable and not contain any special character in it make it simple, because the simple name is always remembered able after this choose a simple profile photo, if you have a brand page so mention your brand name in your profile pic, write an eye-catching bio, in your bio write mainly information about you like your birthday, your occupation, etc. in other words, create your bio effectively, visitors only take interest in your bio and if he attracts with your bio he converts in your followers.


2) Target Your Audience: –

Always be consistent on that platform, when your audience wants you, this is your duty when it needs you present on there, let me explain with an example; if any of your followers write a query in the comment section so within 2 – 4 hour try answering his question, simply make them realize that you are always present for him, via your post know about your audience who is your audience, why they follow you, what he wants by you or what type of content he wants by you, always make happy your followers as we know consistency is always winning so be consistent and make your audience happy. If you don’t know about your followers’ taste and preferences so it is not good for your account as well as makes a poll for knowing your follower’s age.

3) Create Excellent Content: –

Content is the heart of your account, if you popular personality or any type of artist so always keep one thing in your mind respect all the values after making your content, create your content engaging, in your content tag brand, popular personalities ad use relevant and large no of hashtags because in Instagram algorithms hashtags play the main role so use it carefully, your content is the only way to increase your Instagram followers, Instagram stories are the best feature of Instagram, stories are short length content and contains all the important information about your brand/product/profile, now the last thing is a caption, in your caption write some meaningful and attractive idioms and phrases which is eye-catching, and its meaning fulfill your post.

4) Post On Right Time: –

Put out your post when your major audience is online, standard posting time is evening and afternoon time in one survey on that time most of the peoples use social media sites, analyze your posts feedbacks (no. of likes, count of shares and comments), which post has maximum no of likes, shares and on which time audience react on your post, or in story section create a poll for knowing your audience time preference, this step shows you worth it for your audience, this is also a good step for making happy of your audience. So put out your post at right time. 

5) Join Similar Groups: –

Groups is one the most powerful weapon for gain Instagram followers organically, choose a group which has large no of an audience, when anyone raises a query so solve it query as well as invite it for coming on your profile, in other most popular brand profile posts comment section to post your profile URL and also join its groups, most of the group’s links are found in many of other social media platforms, mainly joins which groups which is similar to your content. Send follow request to all of the group members.

6) Run a Giveaway Contest: –

Giveaway contest is the best way to attract more visitors and turns into your followers, in a giveaway firstly target you’re those followers who always like comment as well as share your post, in a giveaway give a costly and branded gift to the winner and highlight this, but make your giveaway guidelines like (firstly follow account, like large no of posts, comments each of them, tag your one or more friend on your post after that take screenshot and post those screenshot in your story) these types of guidelines always works as well as it works for gain Instagram followers organically.

Final Words: –

Growing your Instagram followers is create difficulty for you if you don’t know about these tips and tricks, these are simple things but everybody does not know about that and due to that reason they don’t increase their Instagram followers organically and opt to buy Instagram followers, giveaways, the consistency as well as collaboration always make your account attractive, and turns visitors to your followers, in the end, follow these simple steps and gain Instagram followers.