How to Drive Referral Traffic To Your Blog

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Till now, you must be focusing on driving lots of traffic from organic search and they are best sources of traffic since you don’t have to pay anyone for getting traffic.

Apart from getting organic traffic you must have heard about referral traffic, if not let me tell you that referral traffic is best form of traffic that any blog or website wants to increase because they are more targeted

and it also helps in SEO.

In this post I am going to share some tips on how you can increase referral traffic for your blog and increase your sales as well as your blog readership.

Before sharing the tips let me tell you what exactly a referral traffic is.

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral traffic is targeted traffic you get either by links and content which you post on other external websites or sources.

You can get referral traffic by facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest and many more sources.

Referral traffic not only helps to improve your website’s SEO but it will also help you to get your blog monetized with different monetisation methods like AdSense.

So now let’s see exactly how to get more referral traffic from some of the best sources on internet

How to Increase Referral Traffic

Below are some of the best sources from which you can get more and laser targeted referral traffic to your blog or website

1) Social Networking Sites- Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc are one of the biggest sources of traffic for any blog or website and you can drive lots and lots of free traffic if you use it properly and smartly.

What you can do here is whenever you do a new blog post share it on these biggest social networking sites but use attractive titles so visitors will click your link to read more and if possible use attractive images this will double the chances of getting more referral traffic

2) Write Quality Content- How often you have heard that Content is king.

More than this quality content will not only beneficial in terms of SEO and gaining authority in your niche but also it helps in increasing referral traffic to your blog because if people love and think your content worthy and useful then they will not hesitate to link back to you and literally I have seen how many articles on have been linked by various other blogs and websites for SEO topics so if you write quality content in your niche then you will definitely get some incoming links very easily

3) Forum Participation- Forums are considered as best sources of traffic because there are many people who regularly visit forums for discussing and asking various short of questions and if you can manage to answer some of their issues then you can be rewarded by free traffic.

Here, the trick is that you can use your website link as signature and if any readers finds your views impressive then surely they will visit your blog for knowing more info on that particular topic.

And if you are into blogging, SEO or internet marketing niche than and are two of the best forums you can participate in.

4) Social Bookmarking Sites- Social bookmarking sites helps to easily share interesting content online with other likeminded people and there are some of the best social bookmarking site like Delicious, Stumbleupon, digg and reditt which can get you some handy referral traffic if you use them properly but one thing I would like to suggest you here is that never spam because you might get banned very easily specially reditt is very strict in this.

So use it wisely to extract more benefits from these bookmarking sites

5) Guest Blogging- Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to increase referral traffic to your blog not only it help in getting targeted traffic but also it helps in SEO by giving you quality dofollow backlinks.

Many bloggers are leveraging on this technique no matter they are beginner or pro bloggers, everyone nowadays are looking for opportunity for doing some guest posts for other big and famous blogs in their niche.

Many bloggers include author section below your guest posts which will get you handsome traffic if you are able to deliver quality and useful articles. You cannot ignore this trick literally you can see plenty  of traffic flowing to your blog within minutes after your guest post goes live on big and popular blogs in your niche.

6) Blog Commenting- Blog commenting is another great sources of traffic try to comment on Commentluv and Keywordluv blogs for getting dofollow backlinks as well as more referral traffic, but don’t just simply write “Great post” or ” Nice Tips” in fact take out some time to do insightful and meaningful comment which will get you more traffic

7) Yahoo Answers or Question answers sites are great many people are asking all sorts of questions on yahoo answers and in quora community.

Here what you can do is provide your website or blog link in source section whenever you answer to any question. Visitors will definitely click on your link to know more about their problem and to get answer

8) Free Article Directories- This is probably the best sources of referral traffic many newbie and lazy bloggers simply want free articles and content for their blog and they search for articles in article directories.

Ezine articles and article city are two of the biggest free article directories on internet and what you can do it submit few articles on such places and include your website link in source section which will drastically boost your traffic

So these are some tips on how to drive more referral traffic on your blog or websites if you like this post please share also don’t forget to tell me how you are getting traffic to your blog and what other tips you have which I have missed via comments and don’t’ forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks