How to download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Instasave online?

Instasave reels downloader

Instasave online is one of the leading Instagram downloaders. It is totally free and safe. Users can submit specific links to Instagram posts and download any media file easily. Download Instagram photos, videos, stories, albums and IGTV videos are unlimited with Instasave Online. Downloading media from Instagram is complicated if there are no third-party downloaders. Therefore, having Instasave Online is amazing because of its perfect and unlimited support.

Download Instagram media using Instasave Online

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world. It is another great offer from the Facebook family. People who became members often share their memories on Instagram as photos and video clips. They can follow each other and even react to posts and chat as well. But, when it comes to downloading whatever, the platform does not suggest a download option. 

It is the nature of Instagram because of several reasons that the developer considered. For that reason, users have to use a third-party tool like Instasave Online free. There are so many similar tools on the web. Instasave online downloader is a third-party platform where users can download any media file from their Instagram account.

Anyhow, Instasave downloader can solve the issue and let you save all interesting media files unlimitedly. It is very easy to go through for being an online platform. And can easily access by any type of device through any operating system. This is a completely free service for one and all.

Features of Instasave

  • Instasave online is an absolutely free downloader
  • This is a third-party online platform
  • Anyone can download Instagram photos, videos, albums, stories and IGTV videos using Instasave
  • Instasave free downloader is unlimited
  • It is quite simple. Users can open the page and easily download media
  • It does not need to download or install like a software package
  • Users can access through a smartphone, PC, laptop and even over any operating system
  • It is safe for everyone
  • Instasave online downloader tool can convert photos and videos into JPG and mp4 formats

How to use Instasave free downloader?


  • When getting ready to use Instasave free, the user should make sure about Instagram membership
  • Connect the device to a stable Wi-Fi, internet or mobile data connection
  • The Instagram app should update to the latest version

The step guide

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Or else, users can browse using the web browser on their desktop

  1. Go to the post that you wish to save on your device
  2. Users can scroll down the timeline to find out certain posts. Or else it is easy to use hashtags of the post or the username of the profile that shared the post
  3. Once the post is there, users have to copy the post link. The link can copy from the options list on the top right corner of each post
  4. And then open the web browser and search the Instasave Online web page. If you are using the browser based just open instasave using a new tab
  5. Go to the download bar and paste the copied link there
  6. Click “Download” > “Download Now” buttons respectively. It is not just enough to click the first one. The Download Now button as well important to continue the process
  7. After the confirmation, the photo or the video will download to the device


Instasave for free may not be able to download media because of unstable internet connection or insufficient storage space. Therefore, it is better to check the internet connection and the device storage capacity before starting Instasave Online. The Instagram app that could not update for a long time may perform slower and even will take time to load posts and play videos. Though it is just a simple thing, make sure that the app is updated to the latest version for a better movement.

Final words

Instasave reels downloader is an amazing tool that supports Instagram users to go through interested photos and videos offline. Instasave Online can be used for totally free and securely. It can simply convert videos and photos into JPG and mp3 formats correctly. Instasave video downloader performs faster and saves video clips in seconds like no other. 

Moreover, Instasave photo downloaders download photos without reducing their quality. Instasave reels video downloader turned into a remarkable tool that many Instagram users embraced. It doesn’t matter whatever device is on your hands, Instasave downloader tool can support you to download what you love.