How to do Off-Page SEO – Understand in easy language


How to do Off-Page SEO – To do good quality Off-Page SEO, you have to do the top 10 things above, but then there are some things that your blog post quickly gets indexed in Google like Off-Page SEO. The first thing is that as soon as your blog post is published, then its link should be submitted to the free search engine submission site, after that share it on your social networking sites.

After this, search the question related to your post on and answer it, and in response link the link of your post on the targeted keyword so that traffic starts coming to your post. After this, focus on making backlinks through the rest of the work.

1. Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission: When the link is created after you publish your blog or article, that link is submitted to the existing search engine submission site so that it becomes back-loc as soon as possible and Google’s crawler will read it and reach its true page. ( SEO course in Rohini ) Index it, when the post done on your blog is indexed in Google, then hyperlink of that URL is created and used in blog commenting and guest posting.

2. Directory Submission

When we submit the URL of our web page on a site with good quality ie high DA and PA, then Google considers this link as good and increases its search page position. Therefore, never submit the URL of your blog post on a low-quality directory site, no matter how much time it takes to find a high PR directory submission site.

If you can invest a little, then there are many such directory submission sites where paid service is run, but you can create a high-quality backlink by submitting the link of your site.

Similarly, I have prepared a list of some sites which you can download and use. Download from the link given below.

3. Bookmarking Submission

Bookmarking Submission is also a very effective way to create back-links for your blog posts, but in this also care has to be taken to create quality links only on high pr bookmarking sites.

Never choose a bookmarking site with low D.A or P.A in the pursuit of making more links. Otherwise, instead of increasing the ranking of your blog, it may be down, after that a lot of work will have to be done to rank that post.

It is better to make a backlink from a small but good site in advance and work patiently. From the link given below, you can download the list of high-quality bookmarking sites.

4. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting also creates a high-quality back-link, but for this also you have to choose a blog whose page-rank is good and there is at least one post daily on that blog, along with a quality back-link from there. Traffic will also be good.

It would be better if you comment on a blog similar to the topic of your blog. Regular visitors of that blog can be diverted to your blog.

While doing blog commenting, it must be kept in mind that your comment should not be spam, otherwise Google can drop your site’s ranking very low.

Put the link of your blog in your comment on the blog where the hipper link is allowed, and do not force it where it is not allowed, otherwise you may face negative results instead of positive results in ranking.

5. Forum Submission

High-quality back-links are also made from Forum Submission, there are many such forum submission sites where you can submit your questions by creating your account, although the site takes some time, then you can insert the link of your blog in the signature. can do. You can get maximum information about it from the link given below.

6. Question, Answering Site Submission

There are many such sites where if you answer the question given on it, then it helps you in generating a lot of traffic from it. Like is a very popular question answering site right now. There are many such sites where you can gain both backlinks and traffic by answering the given questions.

If you cannot work on all sites, then choose at least Top 10 Question and Answering sites for yourself, on which always keep giving your post-related answers and keep getting traffic.

7. Press Release Submission

Press Release What is Submission? – When there is an update in a highly reputed company or a new product or service is launched, that information is conveyed to the public through the media ie the press, the information that we get through text information in the digital world. In this, by submitting on the press release submission site on the internet, it is sent to the people digitally which we call press release submission.

8. Guest Posting

High-quality back-links are created through guest posting. If you want to make quality backlinks to your blog, then first of all you have to make your blog attractive along with your blog post.

If your writing style will be good and you write 100% original content, then many bloggers get ready to contact you and give a back-link to their blog.

There are many bloggers who give links to their blogs without any condition. If you contact and talk to the blogger associated with your subject, then a good backlink of your blog or website will be created, which will increase the ranking of your blog in Google as well as DA and PA.

9. Social Networking Site Submission

There are many such Social Networking Sites where you can create quality backlinks to your blog or website. Famous social sites are many high pr social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, where you can create a profile with the name of your business and give it a link to your domain and by sharing your blog post backlink as well as generate a lot of traffic. Is.

You can create high-quality backlinks by doing quality off-page activities of your business website or blog by downloading some such high pr social networking site list from the link below.

10. Article Submission

Article Submission is the very best way of off-page activity, if you write quality articles between 250 to 300 and submit them on high pr article sites, then you will get quality back-links from that which will increase the ranking of your blog.

For this, you have to select the famous article sites like and submit the article according to its term, then as soon as your article is approved, the backlink count will start for your blog.

Similarly, you can download some high pr article submission site lists from the link given below and use it.

Last thing:

Your blogs and web pages can also increase DA and PR if you invest your time to do real off-page on high-quality sites.

Here I try to attach the best off-page SEO resources, but their domain authority and page rank may vary from time to time as per the updates of the search engines.

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Therefore, before making any submission on these sites, please check the accurate data available at the present time.