How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages for Your Clients?

social media marketing packages

Depending on their business models and the types of work they provide, social media professionals charge different rates. Some people might rather work with clients on an hourly basis. While this is appropriate for part-time freelancers, individuals wishing to grow their business or form an agency should instead consider building fixed-price packages.

When it comes to hiring social media specialists, most clients don’t want to worry about paying hourly rates or not knowing the value they get for their money. It’s too much to keep track of, and it’s too unpredictable. Instead, they compare some social media packages and choose one that suits best for their needs. It’s more convenient for high-end clients who don’t have much time to work on an hourly basis. 

Here, we’ll learn to create various social media marketing packages to attract the types of clients you’re looking for and increase your chances of landing their business.

Reasons to Create Multiple Social Media Marketing Packages

Before knowing how to create social media marketing packages, let’s first know why you need to create multiple social media packages. Giving several packages will help you attract more customers because they’ll be able to select the services they require while avoiding those they don’t. Different types of packages will often include adding or subtracting the quantity of material or services you’re delivering, allowing your clients to discover services that meet their needs while staying within their budget.

Using packages rather than hourly rates will not only make you appear more established but will also make it easier to lock in contracts and require payment in advance at the start of each month, offering you greater stability and protection. Now, let’s cut to the chase!

How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages

When building your social media marketing packages, the most crucial thing to consider is what you want to provide and how you want to grow those services.

You can have a standard plan with two profiles, a total of ten posts per week, and a monthly report. Next, you can upgrade to a Plus plan, which includes four profiles and 20 weekly postings, as well as a monthly report and a strategy session. Hereafter, you can have an ultra package with six profiles, thirty unique weekly posts, a monthly report, a strategy session, and a monthly audit.

You can also increase the number of services you offer. Perhaps your basic subscription will only involve the creation and scheduling of social media content. Your plus package includes full engagement monitoring and management, while your mid-level package provides planning and reporting.

You can provide add-ons as well in addition to your primary packages, which users can pay for separately or as part of their retainer. In your add-on plan, you can give a one-time strategy, ad campaign creation, social event management, etc. 

Things to Consider While Creating Your Social Media Marketing Packages

There are a few things to consider before finalizing any social media marketing package and publishing it online to guarantee that you’re on the correct track and as competitive as possible.

1. Value of Your Packages

Even if it may not appear so at first look, some social media marketing jobs take substantially longer than others.

It may seem daunting to sit down and plan out a month’s worth of material, but once you’ve gotten to know the customer, it may only take an hour or two each month.

You may be required to check in on a daily basis to react to or conduct public and private conversations, as well as to be knowledgeable with product information and store policies. Clients may want a response to all messages and comments within a certain time frame, such as two hours, which can be incredibly disruptive to your workflow.

Consider how much time and effort goes into each piece you wish to include in each package. You want to make sure you have the manpower to complete the assignment and that you won’t be working 60 hours per month for only $500 since one of the tasks slipped through your fingers.

2. Client-Communication Time

When it comes to pricing, the largest error I see freelancers in all industries make is focusing solely on what I refer to as active hours. Active time to sit down and create a social media calendar or to create a new Facebook Page, for example.

When calculating flat-rate package pricing, keep in mind all of the other costs: client calls, reporting, discussing methods, waiting for permission and making adjustments, and other time-consuming administrative tasks.

You need to be able to support yourself, therefore don’t forget to include administrative and client communication time into your package pricing.

3. Boundaries

It’s okay to accept some of your client’s requests to build a relationship, but the client’s requests are nearly limitless. They have the option of asking for four postings per day on five different platforms—set boundaries for what your flat-rate packing includes.

If your pricing information is presented on your website, mention package limits as much as possible. Any limitations or constraints should be clarified in your initial proposal and specified in your contracts. This can include limitations on the type of work you do or how often you’re available for a call.

4. Apart From Package One-Time Services

Each social media marketing business is unique, but all will occasionally encounter clients with critical demands that aren’t fulfilled by a month-to-month plan. This is especially true in the early stages of a relationship.

Throughout the year, more one-time or irregular services may appear. Clients can ask for your assistance in organizing and running a social media marketing contest or advertising an event. If these services aren’t part of your usual offering, a flat price add-on can ensure that you can meet their demands on an as-needed basis.

One-time services are a terrific method to supply what your customers need, so they don’t go to the competition without lowering your bottom line by including them in bundles for free. Allow time in your calendar to account for additional services from new clients each month, and disclose to your clients that these are available for initial onboarding. 

Here you go!

Now, you can create your social media marketing packages and start off your business smoothly. 

Gajendra Singh Rathore is a digital marketing expert and associated with social media marketing agency Toronto. He is always eager to learn, experiment, and implement. Astronomy is his escape from the outside world.