How to Create Logos with Online Tool DesignEvo


There are times when you need a logo. However, the need is not too big. So hiring a graphic designer is not necessary yet. Then what do you need to do? Take it easy. There are ways to make cool logos that are easy online.

Of the many design applications, some species become logo design applications. One of them is DesignEvo. This platform will help you create a logo easily. The problem of whether it will be a cool logo or not still depends on your creativity.

One point you should know is that you can use this logo design application for free. But the logo you get will have a low resolution. It doesn’t matter if you only need online interests, such as social media profiles, etc.

How to make your logo with DesignEvo

This post will provide a basic step-by-step guide from accessing the website until the logo is ready and ready for you to download. Go to its homepage and click Make a Free Logo.

Start Creating a Logo

You can choose an existing logo template categorized by DesignEvo. Here this post chooses to start from scratch, without a template. So just click Start from Scratch.

After entering the design page, four major operations are in the left bar: icon, text, shape, and background.

Adding icons or shapes

On the left side, there are several object options. As a first step, let’s add a logo icon. So, you can accord your niche and then use keywords to find the matched icon.

If necessary, you can add the basic shapes. Click the shape tab, then select the shape you want to apply. In the top submenu, there is a coloring tool, and you can reset the color.

It distinguishes solid from outlined fields. Therefore, if you want to outline the circle, we have to create another shape. Still in the Shape menu, just select the Outlined Shape category, and select the circle. 

Then you can create the logo layout. You can search for icon templates or choose from popular search suggestions. Here just choose the game category.

Here you can look for something that can be developed. Not just a template, you can make your creativity to make special.

The icon image will appear on the canvas. Click the icon and drag the corner of the guide box to adjust the size.

Add your company’s name or slogan.

After creating the icon is complete, now is the time for us to create a game company name.  Click the Text menu in the sidebar. Select Add Company Name and double click the text field that appears to edit. There are font choices, color sizes, and other settings in the top menu so you can adjust the size and give it a different color.

Download your logo

It’s finished the process of creating a logo. How? May you be a little proud and download this cool logo. 

You can see the logo preview so you can imagine what the logo would look like if you put it on business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, etc. You can also download the logo. Again, because you create a free logo, you get a small image resolution (JPEG and PNG files of 300 x 300 pixels).


It is very simple to manage your logo project within few clicks. Even if you worry about the templates being too popular to customize, you still can use a blank canvas applying icons, and shapes like this post showed you. Now, it’s time to design your own cool logo. Please learn all the features available and practice diligently. Hope this tutorial was helpful.