How to Check Website Traffic? Tools & Insights

tool Alexa

Do you own a website? If yes then you must want to know that how well your website is performing on the internet. By knowing your website traffic you can easily compare it to your competitors. And work on the criteria of improving it strategically. In this article, we will know about the tools and insights which will help you to check website traffic. 

Why checking website traffic is necessary?

Owning a website is a great deal but maintaining it by regularly checking it and knowing about how well your website is performing is important to grow in the market. It will tell you about the status of website engagement and current strategies implemented on the site for growing the traffic. By getting all the statistics of your website traffic you can know where your site stands and what measures you can take to improve your website traffic. 

Effective Tools to Check Website Traffic 

There are many tools available in the market to check the traffic of the website. 

Relying on one particular website traffic checking tool is not that effective. Hence experts use multiple tools to check website traffic to analyze the situation. There are free as well as paid tools that have different features and characteristics. If you are not satisfied with the features that these tools offer you can invest a bit in the paid tools. 


The most popular web traffic tool Alexa is an SEO analysis tool that helps you to understand the target audience for your business. It will help you plan the SEO strategies more effectively. You can use Alexa without even having an account. This is the best tool to look for website insights for measuring site performance.

In this SEO solution, you watch your report for keyword opportunities, competitive analysis, Traffic Statistics, Audience Insights, etc. Alexa can be used for free but it also has its paid version with advanced features. However, Alexa has a 14 days trial plan to check out all its features. You just have to provide information such as name, email, job function, and industry. You have the option of canceling your plan anytime. 


The second in our list of SEO tools is SEMrush. It is an all-in-one web traffic analytical tool. You can use this tool for keyword research, keyword rankings, and so on. You just need to enter the web URL to find out the website traffic. The insights of the website will be displayed to your country wise and here you can know the keyword which is bringing a lot of traffic than others.

By using SEMrush, you can get insights of all the competitors at once this feature is known as Bulk Traffic Analysis. It provides you up to 200 websites comparison by this you can know which website is getting most of the traffic and how you can convert it as yours.  

Similar to Alexa SEMrush also provide 14 days trial plan. Its premium plan starts at just $119.95 per month that will provide you traffic reports, ranking, social media, and so on. 

Site checker

Site checker is an SEO solution that consists of tools that ultimately helps you to increase the website search performance. It involves the features like site monitoring, site rank tracking, and also the backlinks tracker. All these involve a pricing plan. It also has its free tools to check the site traffic of any site’s URL.

After the results, you will get all the insights for the website by which you can create an effective strategy well. With a site checker, you can get a traffic overview, website engagement, top keywords, and more. This is a free tool however if you want to use high-quality tools you need to pay an amount of $19 per month. Unlike others, site checker does not have any trial package.

Similar Web

Another effective tool in our list comes similar web which is famous for providing quality analysis for website visitors. This tool majorly focuses on website traffic analysis. Here you will get the sections relating to view the traffic, referrals, searches, social media engagements, and other knowledge about competitors, etc. just like other this tool also have its free and paid versions. However, its free version does have certain limitations. Its free trial is only for one day. 


In conclusion, there are a lot of tools in the market to check the website traffic not only yours but also of your competitors. Getting insights into your competitor traffic will give you a broad idea of what newer things you can do to get more traffic. With the right type of tools, you can think of preparing a more suitable marketing strategy for your website. It will also help you to get more leads for your business.