How to build a community through email marketing

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One of the best ways that we use to promote our content is email marketing. It’s the best digital marketing and I think it will keep growing and growing. People will keep using it for at least another decade. And today is about how to build a community through email marketing.

We can build a community through social media. Also, we can build community through platforms such as YouTube or Blogging. In this post, I will be talking about how you can do that through your email list and email marketing.

How to build a community through email marketing

Building a community is way better to get traffic. They will support you no matter what. Even if you decide to change the niche and content. All the people within your community will still support you no matter what.

If there is one thing you should do when you start a business or just a blog. You need to build a strong community and audience. This way, they can help you no matter what. And I will explain to you the difference between the two.

Well, you can have the two at the same time. Because your family can be among the audience. However, when you say just audience. It means people check your stuff, and that’s it. They can come back to check, but it’s not as close as the community.

When you say community, you have friends, and everyone knows about you. You keep in touch with them a lot. Just like your family and friends. It means you communicate a lot with them and share more than just content.

This doesn’t mean you to be annoying and share everything. But important things that you feel they have the right to know as a community. And I will share How to build a community through email marketing and mention these things.

Also, it’s not what you just share with them, but also what you do for them. The audience you just perform and next day they don’t hear from you. But the community will keep in touch with you and support you through everything.

They can be your audience when you perform. The community will stay with you after you perform. Just audience… could leave you if you change the niche, but the community will stick with you. I hope by now you understand what I mean by the two.

1-Send wishes on occasions

Now, how to build a community is another thing. And something that will help you to build the community is by wishing them happy holidays or sending an email on occasions. Your goal might not be to build a community. However, it helps to make them feel closer when they see an email wishing them a happy Halloween or Merry Christmas.

Something like this can help to build a good relationship with your email list. But, you need to plan these things. This way, you won’t sound annoying or make it look bad. Because they won’t like it if it is long or not organized.

Also, you can send them when you just sent your content or whatever. People don’t like to get too many emails. So, you need to consider this before you send anything to your email list. It might take time to build the community, but it will be worth it.

Just like communicating through Twitter or any social media. Email lists also can be a way to communicate as long as you are not annoying. If you send one email per week, the week before the occasion can be just wishing them a happy holiday or whatever the occasion is.

People will unfollow you if you are annoying even when you use other social media. So, you need to be careful. Otherwise, it will be just another way to lose subscribers, and that’s not the goal of how to build a community through email marketing.

2-Reward them for being part of your email list

Another thing that will help in how to build a community through email marketing is when you give back. People will appreciate it when you give back. And they will stick with you. No matter what niche you change to, they will be there for support.

It can be a monthly giveaway or every two weeks, and it doesn’t have to be something big. They will appreciate anything. Because they didn’t ask anything from you. So, whatever you can give, make sure to give back to the community.

You can also host a contest and make them earn it. This can be a fun way to even get to know your followers. Which is very important when you want to build a community. Because you will meet someday, the people that follow you. So hosting contests can be a good way to learn about your subscribers.

This is not just about the gift but also a way to say thank you to everyone for being part of your email list. Doesn’t matter how many people. When you have a decent number, you can start doing contests and giveaways. Give back to them as they keep supporting you.

It’s a good way how to build a community through email marketing. And they feel like they want to help you more and more.

3-Share weekly updates to keep them up to date

They need to know about you. As you keep sharing new content and posts. You also need to keep them up to date with important things in your life. It can be different from sharing on social media, but it’s good to give them updates and keep them in the loop.

How to build a community through email marketing can have similar things as using social media. And one of them is keeping your subscribers in the loop with important things in your life. Things you feel like they should know.

Well, you need to consider that they might not respond to your stuff. But if they find you on other social media, they will know about your things. And you need to plan it to share them. Like I said earlier, they don’t like too many emails.

You can dedicate an email of the week to share a couple of or a few of the things to update your subscribers. It’s a good way to communicate with them. As long as it’s not, something will bother them or scare them away.

4-Ask for their opinions

One more thing that can help you on how to build a community through email marketing. It allows your subscribers to share their opinions. Well, it might not have the same feature as social media. But you can use a website that can help you to make a poll.

This way, your subscribers can share their opinions on what you want to do. Maybe when you want to add a new niche or change something. It’s a good way to engage with them and let them help you as a community.

Don’t expect from everyone. When you have many people on your email list. What you get is enough and as time passes, they will engage if they feel good about it.

What do you think of these things that help you how to build a community through email marketing? Do you think it’s possible to build a community through only email marketing? Do you have a community? Let us know in the comments.

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