Top Pointers Of 2021 To Get Google Recrawl Your Social Media Page

social media page recrawl

Google is God – We can find everything, anything on Google. We all want to be in the good books of Google. We love being “Apple of the eye” on Google ranking first page. However, there are ways to be there on the first page. If you have recently launched your website, or updated the webpage on your present domain, or have altered several web pages as well as the structure of the website you will need to tell Google about it. Tell Google? How?  You can request Google to re-crawl it by using the following methods. But first, we understand what is crawling.

What is Crawling In Search Engine?

Crawling is the process where GoogleBots will visit your new as well as updated pages. Thus adding it to the Google Index. It uses a huge set of computers to crawl millions and millions of pages on the Internet. The program that does the crawling is done by GoogleBot, also known as a robot, spiders, or bot.

Coming back to recrawling, a variety of factors are responsible for influencing recrawling:

  • The number of web pages
  • The quality of the platform your website is hosted
  • Website authority
  • The freshness of the content

To request Google for recrawling it is important to follow the below-mentioned ways:

Share the page with other social media networks

It is one of the sure-shot practices. For instance, if you want to recrawl your Instagram page, link the page with your Facebook and Twitter or any other social network account. Google always visits these online media platforms regularly and will crawl the link from your social share easily.

Updated content to gain backlinks

Gain related backlinks from other websites can speed up the recrawling process.  These backlinks act as a vote to your content thus signaling Google to recrawl the page.

Posting new content to your social media platforms

Google loves fresh content. Keep posting with new informative and engaging social media post.

Posting regularly not only it increases your viewers and fan followers but it will increase the opportunities of getting crawled by Google frequently. If you are posting blog content, do it thrice a week.

Add videos,  as well as testimonials –adding more variety to your page will let Google know about your new content.

Adding internal links

Another sure-shot way to tell Google is by updating content regularly. Internal links on the other pages signal Google about the updated content on the web pages. If you have updated the posted the social media content recently, link it to the new content and check. When the page authority is higher, it automatically recrawls it.

Optimizing images and videos on your social page

Yes, this is another effective way to signal Google to recrawl your social media page. By optimizing the videos and images with SEO-rich keywords will increase the awareness of the viewers visiting your page. Thus, this automatically prompts Google to visit your social page and improve the rankings on the search rankings.

Is It Possible To Quicken The Recrawling Process

Yes, by taking the above-mentioned steps it signals Google that you have updated the webpages ensuring the correctness in them. In 4 weeks, you can see the improvement.

These are search engine optimization techniques that you need to implement and keep practicing. However, do not use the above-mentioned methods each time you post new, but deal with it tactfully.

Do not submit the request indexing for the page multiple times.

Apart from the above-mentioned follow the tips if you have a business website that are linked with various social media pages.

Improving the loading time of your website

Googlebots have limited time to crawl your website. Thus, it is important to work on your website speed if it isn’t up to the mark. There are various ways to increase the loading time.

Improving server response time

It doesn’t matter if your website is optimized for the speed but if your server time isn’t great, Google will point out the same in the Google Search Console asking to make it load faster.

Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, Optimizing images and videos, Blocking unwanted pages, Saying no to duplicate content, Building quality links, and Getting more social shares can help you speed up the recrawling process.

Adding a sitemap to Google Search Console

The best way to prompt Google about your recent updates is via XML sitemap. The sitemap comprises URLs of your website that Google will crawl and start indexing. The info about every URL will include the timestamp indicating when the last time the URL was updated.

Thus, this sends signals to Google that the updated URL needs to be recrawled.

In Conclusion

Google is great when it comes to crawling and indexing providing as much assistance to the spiders.

Simply have the above-mentioned pointer put to use as well as running Google analytics and webmaster tools are the primary foundation for Google to search you quickly.

But good informative content along with a structured website will get your visibility by Google.