How SMS Marketing Can Be Used in Game Industry?

A brand marketer is holding a mobile in their hand whose screen shows the connection grid of various people through SMS icon


Games are one of the most irresistible parts of the entertainment sector. People in the age group of 15 to 40 are the most invested in purchasing video games and collecting their merchandise. And the clients who readily participate in buying and monetizing the same roughly constitute around half of the gaming population. Yes, that’s a great ratio as every one out of two gamers will buy a game that they like or are hooked into.

They are fond of staying updated to find about the latest editions and installments of their favorite game brands and issues through various social media news and affairs. This has allowed the companies to utilize this match and make full use of various marketing strategies to attract both the veteran and the newbie users to their product ideas and creations.

Various online video games, especially the unique themed escape rooms, have grabbed the attention of a vast majority of people. There has been a cultural shift in gaming perspective since such games were introduced. And to keep up with this change, online marketing, especially email and SMS marketing, has attracted many such gamers in the world of gaming and recreation. But unlike emails, these consumers have found the SMS version of advertisement more accepting and welcoming.

There are several reasons as to why people are more inclined towards SMS facilities, some of the reasons are – having a sense of one’s security and privacy of their account, lack of a third party’s intrusion without permission, and quality delivery of online video games with minimum spamming ads.

Alt = “A brand marketer is holding a mobile in their hand whose screen shows the connection grid of various people through SMS icon.”

There are plenty of advantages about how the gaming industry can hugely benefit from SMS marketing. Let us understand and talk about some of the major ones:

1.      Enhances engagement

The use of SMS attracts the customers immediately as it is performed on a personal level by considering their choice and preference. The ROI delivered using SMS marketing is double the email and other sources of online marketing as it creates a feeling of personalization and a better and enhanced reading rate.

It also draws in more users as many people find it relatively easier to engage in and access their favorite and top brands without worrying about hitting fake links to shady websites. And when combined with other sources of promotion channels and including the name of the user while addressing them in the SMS text, the engagement further enhances by 50 to 55 percent as the sender and receiver connection is greatly heightened in the process.

2.      Better filters

People are easily annoyed by spam and junk mails and folders that keep accumulating in their feed. Chances of them purposefully ignoring and deleting such ads are higher, especially in customers who prefer engaging in a specific product or official release. And SMS marketing is aimed to remove this particular discomfort.

Their purpose is to only target their user’s particular interests based on their sign-in behavior and enlighten them regarding any release or post in the same at the earliest and without failure. This helps keep the audience hooked and excited to learn about the future of their preferred gaming series or universe. Sound and selective filters are the perfect paths for gluing the people of your fan base.

3.      More user-friendly

These days, everyone has access to a cellphone. This automatically makes the user rely on their device to approach and retrieve anything of their choice. By using SMS that is directly delivered to their phones, it creates an air of understanding and better interaction between the sender and the receiver. People find it more comforting and easy to have things just a click away from their fingertips.

With SMS updating and granting them information about their favorite games regularly, gamers are more likely believed to stick around and stay subscribed to your brand due to your friendly and simplistic approach.

4.      Boost in trade

SMS marketing is a great way to attract more customers to the gaming world by acquainting them with a wide variety of offers and services. This increases the retention of both the old and the newly joined consumers who have been following the releases regularly.

By keeping your loyal users engaged through customer rights and personal space (deepening the buyer and seller’s mutually beneficial relationship) and premium updates periodically, your brand can easily grab the attention of a wide variety of gamers. This, in return, will create a tremendous boost in your trade and a bright future for your company.

Now that we have seen how SMS marketing is a proven strategy in promoting your company and earning better ROI in an efficient method, we will discuss how it can be effectively utilized in the world of games, escape rooms, and even sports betting. SMS marketing is expensive and more time taking than other online marketing methods, but with careful planning and structuring your industrial market, you can get the best out of it and take your gaming business’s success to a new level. By entering your focus on the user demands and reviews, you can get a nice and positive outcome from your loyal gaming customers. So without any further delay, let us understand how SMS marketing can be used in-game industry:

For announcing new launches

It is always fun and thrilling for gamers to find new levels and introductions added into their favorite game or playing saga. And SMS is the perfect way for you to grab their attention by announcing new game launches and unique facilities. This will create a stirring amongst those signed up to your newsletter and, in return, will recreate hype and traffic towards your product that is advantageous for your business in the long run.

Notifications for special events and sales

With the arrival of festive seasons each year, people look forward to different deals, offers, and bonuses. Include your special event sales for a bunch of game batches during such occasion, and your customers are bound to be pulled under this charm. By tending to their feelings of celebration and happiness, you can learn to gather more audience quickly in a small period. And via SMS, you can further establish this relationship and personally notify them about anything special or new that they would want to check out.

A forthcoming approach

Sending a welcome message to your newly joined players gives off a friendly and approachable impression. The greetings reach directly on the phone of every subscriber and let them feel welcomed and a part of your production. This will help you to start upright and keep your players active in your virtual and online gaming platforms.

Inviting new players to register and be active

The initial 48 hours or the first day is extremely important as it determines the stay-or-leave ratio of your customers. This is the precise moment where you can give a chance to transform your registered players into permanent members or fixed depositors by inviting them through various deals and offers. The more you allow your clients to stay active and well-involved in your gaming benefits and offers, the higher are the chances for you to gain new customers and not lose the older ones’ attention.

Creating a wide reach in the audience

Mobile phones are widely accessible and used by almost everyone these days. And using SMS, you can easily reach out to a larger topography of audience out there. This will omit the disadvantage of losing out even the non-gamers who are looking forward to becoming a member of some of the other forms of game event or site. Apart from this, the probability of gamers discovering your company and subscribing to your products also doubles up with greater people availability.

Having a behavior and influence based marketing

Stay up to date with what people want in today’s world and work upon improving its experience. By studying the influence of the latest tech and trends, you can get a proper idea of which games are being consumed in greater demand. Once you are well-versed with the statistics, you can follow SMS marketing to draw in these people and promote your business with them and their fellow gaming peers. Linking human behavior always causes constructive development in any market, and you can largely gain from this strategy.

Engaging the inactive players with callback offers

By announcing different online tournaments and gaming discord, you can use this opportunity to recall the old and inactive players back in your gaming brand. The veterans of the gaming world love seeing that the company hasn’t forgotten about them in the slightest. This healthy establishment will not only make the inactive players engaged again, but it will also influence the starters and newcomers to trust and invest in your offers and gaming policies.


It is important to address the requirements of both the sender (the producer) and the receiver (the consumer) while working on your SMS marketing for the game industry. A proper communication channel is vital for interacting with your users and standing in the tough and competitive market out there. While it may be losing its effect when compared to other social media sites, SMS is still the best way to directly reach every particular person in a large audience and establish a sound connection with them. By constantly staying in their contact and providing them with different offers and promotions, the operator can make good revenue out of it. And with the new inculcation of gadgets and technology, you can further spread your reach and influence more and more gamers.

There are infinite ways for you to use the best SMS marketing in the game industry, and the points above were just the strong starters. For starters, areas like escape room games and online video games are some of the best places to invest in for promoting your commercial market. So, now it’s up to you to step into action and fully utilize it for your success and gains ahead. We hope you will find our words useful for your gaming market strategies. Remember to just do your best and not give up despite the difficulties in the process!